Sailor moon Ai no senshi cantada en Español ( Aylin)

Version española de la canción Ai no senshi de Sailor moon espero que les guste Esta cancion la encontre por el ares pero creo que la chica que la canta se llama Aylin que esta tambien por el youtube. Me encanta como canta asi que esto es en tributo a ella.Hay una parte que se ve en negro sorry pero el sony no me graba bien u_u. Disfrutenla.

Sailor Moon- ep.103: Chibiusa, piccola guerriera 1/3

chibiusa diventa una piccola guerriera… nell’episodio ce anke la mia sigla (parte 1)

Anime Transformation Mix 1

Sailor Moon: Eternal SailorMoon: Big Bad love ~ Springbreak SailorMerkury: Hide And Seek ~ Dannii Minogue SailorMars: Lose My Breath ~ Destiny’s Child SailorJupiter: Wouldn’t it be good ´~ Cascada SailorVenus: What you want from me ~ Cascada SailorUranus: Go Dj ~ ? SailorNeptune: We’re in heaven ~ Cascada Sailor Pluto: ? Starfighter: Because the night ~ Cascada Starhealer: Truly Madly Deeply (Techno Mix) ~ Cascada Starmaker: Blue ~ Eiffle65 Ojamajo Doremi: Group transformation ~ Everytime we touch (remix) ~ Cascada Wedding Peach: Peach: Sound of my Dream (remix) Daisy: ? Liliy: ? Salvia: God is a girl ~ Groove Coverage Tokyo Mew Mew: Group transformation: Castle in the sky ~ dj Sammy Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Nozomi/Dream: Wonderland ~ Crazyravers Rin/Rouge: Moonlight Shadow ~ Groovcoverage Urara/Lemonade: Watashi No Tamago (My Egg) ~ Shugo Chara Egg! Komachi/Mint: Listen to your heart ~ Nightcore Karen/Aqua: Sag das Zauberwort ~ Sailor Moonies Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne: Jeanne: Life is Like A Boat ~ `? I do not own the animes or the songs!

SMA Series Episode 8

Sailor Moon Abridged – SMA – Episode 8 Jedite goes after little kids in an amusement park. The Scouts just so happen to be there. Convenient things are great. ——————————————————————— What have we here! Sailor Moon Abridged? As seen on Megami33’s now-gone channel? That’s right, lovelies! In case you didn’t realize that SMA has their own website ( and a new video host (, we decided to ALSO reupload to YouTube once more! Will we get kicked off again? Maybe! But let’s enjoy it while it lasts! ——————————————————————— CAST: Serena – Megami33/Megami36 Luna – Megami33/Megami36 Amy – KrisRix Raye – KrisRix Lita – Roll002 Mina – KrisRix Artemis (Windows Vista) – Judgement915 Darien – Maxskate2001 Molly – KrisRix Andrew – KrisRix Melvin – Roll002 Queen Beryl – KrisRix Jedite – Roll002 Nephlite – Roll002 Zoicite – KrisRix Malachite – Whip0fAlchemy Metalia – Judgement915 Producer: Roll002 Lead Script Writer: KrisRix Editor: Megami33/Megami36 ——————————————————————— Check out more at our website: Other video host: Store: Twitter: Facebook Page:

The “Evolution” of Toonami

Toonami was (and still is) the greatest thing to happen to Cartoon Network. On 3/17/97, it first hit the airwaves and I haven’t been the same since! At 8 years old, I was introduced to to awesome shows like Voltron, ThunderCats, DBZ, and Sailor Moon. The block was first hosted by Moltar from Space Ghost, then the series of TOM robots. New shows started popping up like Gundam Wing and my all-time favorite Outlaw Star. Anime would NOT be as big in the US as it is today without Toonami. For 11 years, this as been a big part of my life growing up. And while, it’s nowhere near as good as it once was, I will forever be a “Toonami Faithful.” The video is a tribute to the most kickass programing block in TV history. No Copyright Infringement Was Meant. Clips from: Music: Motörhead – “Line in the Sand” (Evolution Theme)

Be Your Girl

This is, by far, my favorite video I’ve ever made. Download it here: Otakon 2008’s Coordinator’s Choice and winner of Katsucon 15’s Romance Catagory. I love Luna…there isn’t enough attention paid to the Sailor Moon kitties. Song is You by Groove Coverage.

Mina se disfraza de Sailor Moon

Mina se disfraza de Sailor Moon para distraer a Kaolinet. capitulo:102 ¡El corazón puro es arrebatado!

sailor moon episodio 200 parte 3/3 final

esta excelentemente bien, spero q os gust

How to Draw Sailor Moon!

This is just a quick image slide, next time would be a real video of Me doing a tutorial. Rate, Like, Comment and Subscribe!

sailor moon- luna llena

la cancion se llama luna llena y la canta mariana ochoa. es un video de la serie animada sailor moon :)

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