Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Hard – Serena: Latin Quarter 1/1

Part 1/1 of Latin Quarter in my Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Hard – Serena walkthrough. This is pretty much a blind walkthrough, one its in Japanese, and two I’ve never played or seen it before! If you’re not familiar with Sailor Moon, think of it as the show girls watched instead of Dragonball Z. That’s essentialy what it is. I play as Serena, because despite the fact Mina (the other blonde) is my favourite character, her attack reach makes her cheap to use. Serena, the main character of Sailor Moon is perhaps the obvious choice for her all round abilities. Differences in difficulties: Easy – ends at stage 2. Normal – ends at stage 5. Hard – a new hidden final boss. Other – health bars of enemies are different. Probably others such as amount of enemies ect but I’ve never played this game before! This is the Genesis version of the game, as the Sega logo should make obvious. Attacks are pretty obvious, a for attack, b for jump c for special, hold a for charged attack. There are several aerial attacks too, jump + a, moving jump + a, double tap left or right and then jump + a or jump + down + a. This is the third beat ‘em up I’ve played through and to be honest its alot harder than Power Rangers and slightly harder than Streets of Rage 2. Tuxedo Mask makes his appearance at the end of every level at the boss to give you a rose which will regenerate your whole life bar when picked up.

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 29.part1.avi

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 29.part1

Sailor Moon Episode 22 Part 2

Episode 22: The Power of Friendship Part 2. I own nothing used in this video. (: Comment & subscribe for more videos! :D

Sailor Moon – Folge 12 – Part 1/2

Sailor Moon trading card collection (part 3)

Last binder of my Sailor Moon cards.

sailor moon

just wallpapers

Sailor Moon Episode 5 1/3

Sailor Moon aflevering 5 in het Engels met Nederlandse ondertiteling. Sailor Moon episode 5 in English with Dutch subtitles. If you dont like them, turn the annotations off. Niet alles is letterlijk vertaald. Not everything is literally translated. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Sailor moon.

UCCW Friday Night Showdown Episode 7 Part 2 (Sailor Moon 3-0)

UCCW Friday Night Showdown is back live at Las Vegas, Nevada. Here comes our first match for the fans in Las Vegas! * Single match: Chun-Li vs. Sailor Moon * But wait, Curtis Sanchez has a message to the UCCW. Really? * BTW, 7:04 I voice off Beavis on my own. :D

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 28.part1.avi

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 28.part1

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 28.part2.avi

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 28.part2