Pokemon Black & White Wifi Battle LePokemonElite Vs irebel1705

Just a fun battle since there’s no actual metagame i hope you guys enjoy it till next time peace out!don’t pm me to battle ill most likely say no.

Let’s Play Pokemon Fire Red Episode 63: Elite 4

They fell.

Pokemon D/P Walkthrough Part 24: Route 210

This is part 24 of my ongoing walkthrough for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. I will be making more walkthrough videos, so stay tuned to see them all. In this video I head north from Solaceon Town and make my way through Route 210 and parts of route 215.

Pokemon Sapphire Walkthrough Part 79: The REAL Final Episode

This is part 79 of my ongoing walkthrough for Pokemon Sapphire. In this video, we do what we forgot to do. Get Beldum, and finish the Trick House. Im stupid for forgetting. OAJFAOSDJ

Pokemon Battle #59 Xerxes vs Flamehero1

Ugh. I haven’t played this bad since I played this bad. Anyway. This was a few weeks ago, so I don’t remember anything but that. Therefore I got nothing else to comment.

Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver Walkthrough Part 45: Giving Drugs to Pokemon!

Ahh gotta love writing a loooong description out then finding out YouTube didn’t save it ^.^ Anyways, hai thar guys, long time no see.. Yes, this vid is long overdue and its becoming somewhat of a habit of mine :/ I apologize, but I have TONS of work, whether it be, family, friends or schoolwork, I’m sorry, but Pokemon will not take priority over them, no matter how much you ask, though I will still try to upload as frequently as possible. I haven’t even watched this through once, but I’m sure guys will alert me of my mistakes ;) Trainer School: www.youtube.com Xat: xat.com NEW FORUMS! trainerschool.forum-motion.com I got rid of the normal outro and stuck on the Trainer School outro juz cuz ;)

Pokemon 3 part 7

Pokemon Black and White – Final Battle Geechisu/Ending

After defeating N Geechisu, Team Plasma Leader, will appear saying how N is a disappointment as well as how he was using N all along for his own selfish needs. Geechisu will then challenge you and this is the final battle of the game (not counting post game). He is be far the strongest trainer so far. After you defeat Geechisu he will be taken away and N will release his Zekrom. After that the ending will play. Note: Like my HG/SS videos I’ll upload some parts of my playthrough in Black and White. I am currently playing Black version. Bare with me if I do stupid mistakes because I still don’t know the new Pokemon and new areas so I might spend a lot of time running around. My character’s name is ホワイト with a female sign at the end. This just means White so it isn’t anything special. Oh yea I’m a guy. Remember this video is for DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. (So don’t make stupid comments about how I battle and such)

Pokemon Battle #71 MTGXerxes vs Kawalski

OMG it’s the great Kawalskinator =O He’s really sweet. Check him out: www.youtube.com Anyway. Yeah. Battle. I think my voice screwed up again….I’m really not liking this. With the Shedinja, in honesty I didn’t mind Pursuit TOO much, as I really wanted that thing burned and/or break its possible sash…sure I wish I could have kept it but I did get the result I wanted initially. I take no credit for music used: Before I forget by Slipknot Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Walkthrough Part 42

Spirtomb, haven’t had much time to fight it starting the walkthrough right away but an X-Eye Seed should give you an automatic victory. Thank You and Enjoy