Sailor Moon Naturals Auditions Open!

PLEASE READ FIRST: Hey Guys! We Are Re-Casting All Characters! Any NOT listed are already taken! NOTE: I FORGOT TO PUT PRINCESS KAKYUU IN THE VIDEO, BUT SHE IS OPEN SO FEEL FREE TO AUDITION FOR HER! The Following Auditions Are Open For Re-Casting: Mercury: Mars: Jupiter: Venus: Uranus: Pluto: Mini-Moon: Princess Katie/Neo-Moon: Star Figher: Seiya: Star Maker: Taiki: Star Healer: Yaten: Princess Kakyuu: Amazon Quartet/Asteroid Soldiers Listed Here: Cere: Jun: Palla: Vesu: Jedite: Nephlite: Zoasite (Female One): Malakye: Nehelania/Magma: Wicked Lady/Sky: Emerald/Storm: Kaguya/Hurricane: Bdiyanu/Destruction: Wiseman: Beryl: Enjoy!

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  1. CoolMoonStudios says:

    @NorthernWaterTribe15 Great =)

  2. NorthernWaterTribe15 says:

    ok thanks! since Jupiters open i may do her as well. =)

  3. PrincessRil says:

    I submitted my Sailor Venus audition in one video and the other video called neon goddess audition i have neo queen serenity/ princess katie audition

  4. CoolMoonStudios says:

    @xXshipszerfandubsXx No prob. I’m not casting until all characters have been auditioned for anyhow, so there’s time =)

  5. xXshipszerfandubsXx says:

    I will try to audition for you soon :) I’m kind of busy during the first couples day of the weekdays from school/swimming/dance so please excuse that :)

  6. CoolMoonStudios says:

    @bunnyzrox1999 I have a no-deadline policy. So you can turn yours in whenever you want. I do weekly checks instead of deadlines, cause having deadlines makes people stressed out and I want my series to be stress-free. So, yeah….

  7. bunnyzrox1999 says:

    When’s the deadline?

  8. bunnyzrox1999 says:

    I think i’m gonna fail, but..i’ll try for Mini-Moon/Rini anyway xD

  9. CoolMoonStudios says:

    @KendoGurl Great!

  10. KendoGurl says:

    I’ll audition!

  11. CoolMoonStudios says:

    @Usagiflower Thanks =)

  12. Usagiflower says:


  13. PrincessrilForever says:

    @CoolMoonStudios ohh haha because I realized I messaged on this account when I meant to message from my other one that actually has the video uploaded. Sorry hehe

  14. CoolMoonStudios says:

    @SweetRoseStudios =)

  15. CoolMoonStudios says:

    @PrincessrilForever Thanks! Why’d you remove your comment?

  16. SweetRoseStudios says:

    I’ll audition for yours if you audition for mine =)

  17. Perry says:

    lust@beavertail.anorexia” rel=”nofollow”>.…


  18. Chester says:

    emperor@brooklyn.bruckners” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    thank you!…

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