Veronica Taylor (Original English Ash Ketchum Voice) – Anime Boston 2009.wmv

She is awesome.

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  1. moonoink says:

    Sarah Natochenny is ok voicing ash, but veronica taylor is the better ash!

  2. tmballin says:

    omg, she’s so awesome!!!! I wish she could be Ash’s voice again!!!

  3. Hannibaa says:

    I wish she was still ash’s voice :’( she’s so awesome. She idd his mum’s voice well too :D

  4. cedarcity123 says:

    I miss my childhood so much :’(

  5. Lanieannette says:

    This makes me miss being ages 4-12.

  6. Pokemariofan107 says:

    @GeneralGuy77 no, nyarth is awesome. and so is japanse voices. Thats the only time I think japan is better at.

  7. GeneralGuy77 says:

    @Pokemariofan107 Weeaboo detected

  8. PokemonFreakJSTK says:


  9. Pokemariofan107 says:

    @TheFern91 Japanese version is better. But Veronica Taylor isn’t TOO bad. Meowths voice is alot better in Japanese though

  10. Scooter9812 says:

    haha why do so many chicks voice guys
    its awkward when u find out

  11. MrZootSuitz says:


  12. AillahKaiba says:

    @Medgy26 You never knew that?

  13. emcee2456 says:

    Her original voice sounds a lot like Ash’s mum though. Awesome job! :)

  14. bigfootdriftergirl27 says:

    I like her more as Amelia in The Slayers and April in TMNT TV4kids 2003 cartoons lol

  15. bescrus says:

    ……I have the weirdest boner

  16. bescrus says:

    I lost, with deep nostalgic feelings….. it gets you pretty deep

  17. Medgy26 says:

    what the hell? ash’s voice is actually a woman’s? this is so weird

  18. csynn says:

    if RED had a voice it’ll be veronica taylor but it will be much more darkercuz red is a master and ash, well…………………

  19. Nostalgic90s says:

    “If I had the chance to play him again I would.” K, clearly the casting directors are idiots.

    She’s such a good voice actress, bring her back! Although I don’t think even her can save the series now….

  20. ChewyCervantes says:

    Is she implying that Ash’s mom fucks around with Professor Oak and Mr.Mime when he’s not home?

  21. lilsamurai679 says:

    @SoraStalker I WAS THERE 2!!!!!!!!!!!1 SAKURA MATSURI 2011 SHE IS SUUUCCCHHH AN AWESOME PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. SoraStalker says:

    i had the great honor of meeting Veronica Taylor at the Cherry Blossom Feastival today at the brooklyn botanic garden :D i still cant get over how nice and friendly she was! i really miss her as Ash. i think she did one hell of a job!

  23. musicspider911 says:

    No offense to the new voice actress but Veronica Taylor IS Ash Ketchum forever and ever until the end of time!

  24. TheFunnyguy4Life says:

    It has been five years today since Veronica Taylor, Rachael Lillis and the other voice actors had been replaced. We still miss them and we really do. I have not watched Pokemon since then. It has been really depressing since that awful mirage special aired. I know Veronica Taylor will come back someday when that day comes.

  25. bunnieman44 says:

    @Neqkschot you have bad taste dude…..

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