Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Episode 45: Signs of the Final Battle

Hilde manages to sneak onto the Libra and steal some valuable data, but she is discovered. Meanwhile, the White Fang prepares to battle the forces of Earth and destroy the Gundam pilots.

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  1. thedeafelectrician says:

    *video starts playing without sound*
    *refreshes page*

  2. GunplaF91 says:

    lol 7:00 “Hmpt” “Hmph” “Hmpt”

  3. StormeDragon666 says:

    @JCAznDude, all correct and good pairings (except poor Quatre! D:) and also the fact that Catherine actually is Trowa’s sister. I don’t know if it’s revealed in the series or in something the creators said later, but they literally are siblings so a pairing between them would be blegh x:

  4. Qui3tman says:

    “But (insert comment) though”

  5. zyclops00 says:

    gundam 00 & gundam unicorn

  6. Xxtrile01xX says:

    gundam seed and gundam seed destiny are good series!

  7. livestrong77nyy says:

    the 08th ms team is a good gundam series as well.

  8. SpunSeaLion says:


    What are other good gundam series?

  9. kosta1987 says:

    your advertisements are annoying

  10. DBZMANIAC2 says:

    its really funny when heero and relina randomly say each others names

  11. CalumJoshFrance says:

    @Nanashi987111 haha yeah i realised afterwards sorry my bad


    @misaoSOsweet i grew up on gundam wing

  13. noelmnznl says:

    @tomahawkcompany went into hiding or died

  14. TekkaSage says:

    Stupid plot armor… Hilde’s MS would of been killed with one shot otherwise.

  15. tomahawkcompany says:

    does anyone know what happened to the professors?

  16. Nanashi987111 says:

    @CalumJoshFrance Actually, that wasn’t noin. It was hildi, though they do look too similar.

  17. Trislot1 says:

    Man if i was relina I would slap that bitch

  18. CalumJoshFrance says:

    i like the way noin has no idea who relina when she has spent considerable time protecting her

  19. dvpkid says:

    @Abalonesound hell in a handbasket

  20. smcneal057 says:

    I don’t see what is so great about Gundam Wing. At least it’s not….seed(ugh, shudder)…yet it doesn’t have the same feel of the Universal Century. This show feels very confusing with all the different factions and who is controlling what and for what reason. In the UC it was about the Earth Sphere Federation vs. Zeon. I don’t even know what is going on.

  21. insanityisme says:

    I swear, the lead women in animes always seem to have 80% of their lines be the lead guy’s name

  22. PrinceOfAltea says:

    @Shroomsterdam Just like Amuro, yet I never hear anyone give him a hard time about his masculinity. Besides, the world needs sensitive men just as much as it needs aggressive men (the same goes for women, too).

  23. LongShot937 says:

    can 46 even go up on youtube or has the rest of the series been blocked? it be nice for whoever runs this chanle to say somthing

  24. EvilCleric says:

    @Shroomsterdam Been wondering that myself.

  25. Shroomsterdam says:

    And where the hell is episode 46?

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