Seiya No Omoi cover from Sailor Moon Stars

Here’s Seiya’s little love theme from SM Stars. It’s played at different speeds during the show; I took it a little fast but hopefully you’ll still like it. Once again it’s played by ear so I don’t have any sheet music. :( Sorry folks. Better Audio: or watch in HD!

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  1. babegurlmai says:

    Even though I was really sad about the end of Sailor Moon, it makes me happy to see people like you playing sailor moon songs because I know that I’m not alone with being a fan. A lot of people can’t understand why grown girls like me still love Sailor Moon especially because it s so old… I think I will never forget Sailor Moon, and I think as long as fans dont forget it, it will never end… I wonder how such a beautiful melody could be created

  2. missmuggledetector says:

    Even after all these years, and the sheer number of animes I have watched, Sailor Moon still has one of the best soundtracks/music ever. It’s just gorgeous, and a huge variety.

  3. luchiiachan says:

    This makes me remember when I used to watch Sailor Moon all the time, and not only when I was a little kid. I miss it, so much. This has always been my favorite, so beautiful you almost want to cry…

  4. luchiiachan says:

    My dream is to one day be able to play this…

  5. babegurlmai says:

    so beautiful I wanna cry…..

  6. bunny7986 says:

    What a great song! I love it, when I listen to it on my mp3-player and I love it when you play it. I`m always dreaming and thinking. It makes me sad, but also happy. WONDERFUL! Thank you.

  7. wonzo9090 says:

    this is the 2nd part of the plan

  8. wonzo9090 says:

    this is the 1st part of the plan

  9. wonzo9090 says:

    @vaanfluff …
    Then write the music down. Note flight( .com) allows you to create your own music using a music sheet. Or at least send all the notes and music to someone on youtube who can write music and you can trust.

  10. wonzo9090 says:

    @vaanfluff Try this, do one phrase at a time and record using garage band on your mac. While playing say the notes with the music.

  11. likeasomeboodeebic says:

    my sis is 4 she heard this its her birthday then she asked daddy i want to meet this person so that they can teach me play piano they play is lovely youve inspired someone luv ur songs they r beautiful

  12. hasaraka says:

    holy crap… its played better than the original track o.O;;

  13. salamanderz09 says:

    loved it! very utsukushii and i loved the ending picture

  14. melisuhhhx3 says:

    This is SO beautiful.
    You are so lucky you have a good ear.
    Keep up the good work, cause I am gonna subscribe :D

  15. tightdee203 says:

    why am i seeing a piano next to him

  16. sailorsmula says:


  17. carlospana26 says:

    very good……buena melodia,,,,

  18. leanne754 says:

    so heart warming.

  19. zuzma says:

    This is really wonderful. You have a great ear! Thank you for uploading

  20. 1Terryus1 says:

    it is very awesome

  21. guitarshredder920 says:


  22. TaZuMa90 says:

    You are so talented!!! <3
    Hope you make one day tutorials for this melodys =)

  23. tigger481971 says:

    I love this song especcially if it’s as well played as you did! Brilliant!
    I wish I could play it like you! Found the sheet music so, but I have to confess …..I’m lacking talent.

  24. yaminomatzuei says:

    mamoru chaaan TwT
    I wish I learned to play it
    can you make a tutorial??
    please *w*

  25. Elikuran says:

    oh my… you are the best! perfect. all the songs are perfect
    angelical *.*

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