Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver English Unboxing and Japanese Comparisons

Finally! On March 14, 2010, I went out, waited in line, and purchased Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions at my local GameStop at 9:00 AM. This video shows off SoulSilver, HeartGold, the strategy guide, the Lugia figure, and the Ho-Oh figure. Remember kids: do not wash your Pokéwalkers! Total cost: $105.91. Last night’s HgSs Victory Road Party is over, but you can still join in at any time and discuss these awesome games (login/registration required): www.victoryroad.net Check out my site: floatzel.net

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  1. ReviewerVideoGame says:

    You are so Cool! I Envy You

  2. xenophobe76 says:

    i don’t know?

  3. Scarface360100 says:

    @xenophobe76 hey y are your comments removed

  4. xenophobe76 says:

    i never said they were different

  5. Scarface360100 says:

    @xenophobe76 y am i suppose to say it im the one who said the soul silver japanese version and the amercican verssion are the same you are saying they are diffrent

  6. xenophobe76 says:

    no u

  7. Scarface360100 says:

    @xenophobe76 name the diffrent things then

  8. StarMaster08 says:

    @cat333pokemon Yeah I hate the people who dont even know me and think that I cant read Japanese! How do they know that, they dont even know me?!

  9. Scarface360100 says:

    @xenophobe76 the gameplay isin’t any diffrent from the japanese gameplay except the language

  10. darkcnight says:

    get a life much?

  11. Scarface360100 says:

    @cat333pokemon thats just a waste of munny man those games are exactly the same except the language

  12. gabriel11211 says:

    @2:03 little honk any1 lol

  13. TheDV881 says:

    @AznWWEWatcher so did 26 others huh. im sorry for u I didnt get it eather. :(

  14. gween says:

    Ho-Oh should’ve had flames on his wings.

  15. 2002PokeFan says:

    are u japanese?

  16. SuperTwins2010 says:

    that was pretty cool me and my twin sister just got ours 2 days ago (soulsilver) because our moms bitch ass husband wanted to get it for us on mother’s day and now our mom hates us be we wanted to get it a week ago

  17. PseudonymPlayer says:


    they keep underating the japanfreaks huh ;)

  18. teddybearfan12 says:

    I Have that gude book

  19. AQWBK says:

    @EPiiCRaY No charger on 3DS is not the same as on DS

  20. marionetemanJ says:

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  21. EPiiCRaY says:

    Found a the 3ds with heartgold in it , I’s the charger the same as a DS ??

  22. cat333pokemon says:

    @mangostar5 Why? Because I can read it.

  23. mangostar5 says:

    Why on earth do you have the japanese versipn you cant read it!!!!!!!

  24. GamerBoy1396 says:

    Here In Mexico that figure was sold separately in the same store, they gave to me the figure with the game, but if you don’t want the game, and you only want the figure you could buy it separately

  25. jalenfun says:

    Why do people post these sort of videos? Who cares about plastic coming off of plastic?

  26. Jon says:

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  27. Max says:

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