Sailor Moon: You’ll Be In My Heart

A romantic moment between Chibiusa (Rini) and Helios(Elios)/Peguis (spell error). Helios also shows himself in this scene and Chibiusa is grown up for awhile. This is for Geekinthepink (you know who you are). I wish I could find this clip in Japanese.

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  2. xLoyalxStarx says:

    This really did take me deeply into the memories of when Sailor moon was on air :) I loved this show and I still do.

  3. cata515 says:

    oh yes yes !!!! xD

  4. BrookeRunkle says:


  5. arquettefan says:

    I wish I had the mp3 for this, along with “Let’s Fight” and “Tear Our Hearts In Two”. Does anyone know where I can download these?

  6. tenny810 says:

    My sister sang this song for my weeding

  7. mommak10 says:

    I know. I love this song,but it always made me cry when I was little. It’s just that beautiful.

  8. sailormooninstitute says:

    I believe the song is “lonely heart” english version. I wish they should’ve put this on Luna Rock CD

  9. coolrosetyler says:

    damm i wish it had the english verson of this song . which one do u have

  10. KendoGurl says:

    Rini’s voice always annoyed me but in this episode where she’s a teen, I like her voice much better.

    This is a cute scene too

  11. zauber77 says:

    The original `japanese name is Watashi-tachi ni natirakute, sure, I can send it for you. Give me your e-mail adress to send it ^^

  12. XxSabakunoTemarixX says:

    can you send it to meeeee???
    pleaseeeee <33333

  13. XxSabakunoTemarixX says:

    what’s the backround song?
    i love it sooo much <3333

  14. zauber77 says:

    I have te song with much less character audio (conversation between helios and chibusa) contact me =)

  15. CrissySnow says:

    I want this song too

  16. hiphopbunny333 says:

    it’s a good thing in turned into a boy because then she would be kissing a horse1 but she is only like 7 !

  17. angelsgoldennight says:

    I own it in japanese language with english subs and english language. I want to make an amv but I can’t get it on my computer right now. once I can I’ll show it as a respose to your vid in japanese for you. I really like this scene.

  18. Tigrerra18 says:

    awsm fortunately 4 me i can watch in better quality, anytime i want

  19. spongeboing says:

    what episode is this?

  20. RiniMoonKiss says:

    I love this Episode and the song as well

  21. graceoflove says:

    what episode is that?

  22. emmasmith173 says:

    yay I love Sailor Moon.

  23. ghytoiu says:

    this is a true thing that happens!Its not a chain letter! its kinda scary at first but it really works!! paste this message into 3 comments and press ALT F4 and your crushes name will appear onn the screen!!! its so weird

  24. LadySakure says:

    I agree with you on that one. I don’t particulaly care about her either.

  25. blondebeauty06 says:

    This is a great video and the song is also really good as well. Its one of my absolute favorites!

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