Best VGM 47 – Pokemon Mystery Dungeon – Sky Tower

A collection of my favorite videogame music. Note that most of them are from games I played so I might miss some great ones from games I never played. NDS/GBA Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky Tower

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  1. TheFatalEmbargo says:

    @025Reshiram 14, and I’ve loved it since I was 5, too. Just never gets old.

  2. 025Reshiram says:


  3. 025Reshiram says:

    Thumbs Up! Moltres, Zapdos.

  4. 025Reshiram says:

    I’m 13 and I still love Pokemon since I was 5.

  5. 025Reshiram says:

    I cried a lot. Didn’t have much trouble with Aerodactyl, what I didn’t like about them was their ability! Pressure Pressure, I ran out of Water Gun and Whirlpool more then ever!

  6. 025Reshiram says:

    I love Mudkip! Me and Pikachu didn’t have much problem. (By the way, that Mudkip is a girl named Hunter.N)

  7. 025Reshiram says:


  8. squia says:

    @Dyv4bkz You mean This was a great game. and this was a beautiful song. :-)

  9. Darkhuaza517 says:

    @Dyv4bkz I hummed along and made up a small text. Can’t remember, though.

  10. Dyv4bkz says:

    @Darkhuaza517 what did you sing?

  11. Dyv4bkz says:

    this was a crap game. but this was a beautiful song :-)

  12. TheMostOffensiveName says:

    @kiricat14 or maybe those 14 people just don’t like this song.

  13. lovelydays2120 says:

    Being a bulbasaur in this….So stupid.I used to say, Imma bulb of might!

  14. pwn3ronetwothree says:

    Hmmm, It’s almost like I’m going through a corridor of time

  15. kingkarson says:

    @squia im not spamming im watchin every video on the list…leavin a post shows the time and effort im takin to listen to almost 1000 songs

  16. Darkhuaza517 says:

    I’m replaying Blue Rescue Team. When I listened to this song, I couldn’t help but smile and sing.

  17. Frutknuck says:

    Aerodactyls everywhere…
    my team was a bulbasaur and machop…

  18. jordywoody14 says:

    the music adds to the epicness of trying to get through this challenging tower :)

  19. xceis says:

    Omfg What have you done? I love this game! Must… resist…. playing…

    I MUST PLAY THIS AWESOME GAME! How could I have put this behind me? HOW?!

  20. XxTrentEchidnaxX says:

    I honestly don’t see what’s so hard about this level, I finished this level without dying once…probably because i didn’t suffer through any monster houses and i overdrained at the dragon maze…….

  21. squia says:

    @kingkarson Quit spamming I already flagged you.

  22. sceptile111 says:

    2 things: 1.Screw you aerodactlys for killing me all the freakin time. 2, thank you aerodactlys for killing me all the time so i can keep listening to this music :D

  23. Pokegod602 says:

    @PokoRocks1234 Well then more Epic music for you

  24. PokoRocks1234 says:

    I never got through this BITCH of a tower. :c

  25. kingkarson says:

    KING K WUZ HERE 2011

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