EV Training Hot Spots in Heart Gold/Soul Silver [Please READ the description in the down bar PLEASE]

If you don’t know what EVs are or have any other questions, I would love to answer all of them, but I simply can’t. Read the following articles, they should answer all of your questions. serebii.net or www.smogon.com HP- Celadon City (surf) Attack- Cerulean City (surf) Defense- Route 45 (grass) Route 21 at day and night is mostly Tangela, so go wild. Special Attack- Route 6 (surf) Special Defense- Next to Cianwood Speed- Actually just Surf in Dark Cave you’ll only find Magikarps there.

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  1. nachochip17 says:

    @The1satan he doesn’t really have a accent at least he explained it good :/

  2. jfenom says:

    I have a question, I got the Power Bracer for my Nidoking, do just keep Bombing on the seeking and Goldeen? just making sure i understand this completely.

  3. BOBbyakuya6 says:

    @The1satan dude your a dick, he made this boss video to help other people out and his jokes are all pretty funny and make this interesting apposed to boring. Judging from his likes and dislikes id say your outnumbered to dick

  4. MyTreeckoislv100 says:

    Thank you so much this helped me so much THank you

  5. areyou0serious says:

    @The1satan wow not only do you not get that obvious joke but you are also rude -_-

  6. animemanganation says:

    @TheGuyWhoIsSitting i liked your bad joke…..

  7. McFeeSUCKS says:

    @Chupopy level 15 with those stats from ev training

  8. hawkeyefan878 says:

    @TheGuyWhoIsSitting can you help me out. honestly ive been playing pokemon for years and this is the first time ive heard of EV’s. now im starting to think are they a big deal. can you please tell me what they’re meant for and are they worth working hard to get?

  9. KilledbyRapid says:

    muk gives 1 hp and 1 Attack ev….

  10. 3cheers4david says:

    Sorry dude to ask this really nooby question, but if I have a Jolly Smeargle holding the Power Ankle thing (the one that raises speed EV’s) how many Magikarp do I have to beat to get the full 252 EV’s AFTER using 10 proteins/carbos (which ever one increases speed)? I’ve never EV trained before, this is my first 4th gen game :)

  11. Chupopy says:

    @McFeeSUCKS ???

  12. Macuelos says:

    For Speed, I prefer Fisherman Kyler. After a few rematches, he has 6 Magikarp. 6 Speed EV. + Macho Brace = * 2. If you’re lucky and have PokéRus, that means 24 per battle with him. Power Bracer or whatever gives 20 with PokéRus, so yeah.

  13. TheSubscriber15 says:

    oh you won against nbz

  14. tkfan1000 says:

    @AceofRiches durpy durp

  15. McFeeSUCKS says:

    I have a pinsir in ruby with 48 hp 52 attack 35 defence 27 sp attack 31 sp defense and 33 speed

  16. AlexHerrmann010 says:

    how long do you stay at each spot

  17. AceofRiches says:

    Head to blackthorn city and head to the woman on the right end. If she said that your pokemon worked stupendously hard then she will give you an effort ribbon. This means you are done ev training.

  18. Deflon713 says:

    How do you know when your dome ev training?

  19. TheGuyWhoIsSitting says:

    @The1satan It’s called a really bad joke, Defense, C fense A fense if you don’t see the really bad joke there then I have no hope for you. Also I don’t really care if you don’t like my “accent” it’s just my voice and I’m stuck with it.

  20. The1satan says:

    I hate your accent dude and what ar you talking about cefence,aefence and fefence

  21. DannyL517 says:

    @hydroboom Kudos to you for finding a shiny muk :) Well Done

  22. hydroboom says:

    i was just finished up the HP traininin celdon and i now have a full ev’s AND a shiny muk (y)

  23. Startagain3 says:

    all of my ev is maxed out im so sad now

  24. Startagain3 says:

    HP: 0:34

    Attack: 1:17

    Defense: 2:23

    Special Attack: 3:20

    Special Defense: 4:30

    Speed: 5:00

  25. cmndrkool321 says:

    @megavictor388, KIND OF. You must defeat one Pokemon with the same Effort Value. For example, Krabby and Goldeen have one Effort Value in attack; so you can substitute them if they give the same value. If you want to learn more about EV training, feel free to PM me. :)

  26. scott says:

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  27. milton says:

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  28. Walter says:

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  29. dean says:

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  30. Wayne says:

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  31. fred says:

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