Sailor Moon S Stars Cantonese 5th Season Opening Credits

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Cantonese 5th Season Opening Credit Get some of the Cantonese and International and also cover songs of sailormoon here.

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  1. pyroflare310 says:

    I have a Cantonese dvd and this opening is on it :D I LOVE the Japanese version way better than English, but I love Cantonese way better than Japanese and English put together!

  2. bartonon says:

    @bandai1983 no one has sung this song the way Kae Hanazawa did…

  3. agua280291 says:

    I love this version in Cantonese Because most of the time they let the anime with the original song

  4. Sorcier19 says:

    Translation please!

  5. sweetstrawberry1993 says:

    Aw its so cute

  6. knvkdfhgh125 says:

    I never knew there was a cantonese version but this is like an awesome song

  7. xhotdark77 says:

    This version is great, i like the music is cute :D

  8. lovelovemagic says:

    i like japanese better even though i am cantonese

  9. tokuanimecitvguy says:

    It’s OK but it hasn’t quite got the punch.

  10. lavenderblossom says:


  11. ngan87 says:

    this ver is awesome.

  12. Justic2009 says:


  13. anotherpicture says:

    This version is so beautiful :P

  14. iluv8boyIII says:

    maybe now can buy. Malaysia

  15. iluv8boyIII says:

    try it again. Can.

  16. SailorMoonTvOfficail says:

    You can just download it in OGG format and Convert it to WMA MP3 or WAV

  17. SailorMoonTvOfficail says:

    When I click on download it goes to some kind of thing to Listen to.

  18. shashal says:

    i mean does anyone know where i can find this song in a mp3 format

  19. shashal says:

    does anyone know where i can download this song

  20. Sakurashy101 says:

    its good but bad timing ^^”

  21. sidsid94akasiddy says:

    opps i rated it 2, i actually meant to say 5…… i love the voice

  22. sailormoonkatie says:

    I love it.I so awesome.I love the english,japanese,cantonese,german,italian.great job

  23. ericagurl15 says:

    yay i luv this version as well as Japanese version :)

  24. ericagurl15 says:

    kewl , i like any version of Sailormoon (although i hate the english dubbed version i don’t hate it az much now ‘cuz it could’ve been much worse had that other company gotten Sailormoon).

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