Pokémon Black & White – Episode 33 [Opelucid Gym]

Episode 33 – Orange VS Iris/Drayden What’s this all aboot? Check out the new video on my 2nd Channel! www.youtube.com Pokémon Black and Pokémon White are developed and published by Nintendo and Game Freak. Please support the official release.

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  1. 040ehv100 says:

    Call of duty Ftw Munchingorange? :D i play it too and pokemon im xKuS_sCoPeZz

  2. 040ehv100 says:

    Call of duty Ftw Munchingorange? :D

  3. albanokeabboo says:

    and catch zekrom i never saw this one

  4. albanokeabboo says:

    WHAT ANOOB IS GOLORK i dont know how to spell his name :b

  5. albanokeabboo says:


  6. yuseifoodough says:

    @MunchingOrange cause i did the 102nd thumbs up

  7. cphoward9 says:

    My fraxure raped the whole gym

  8. cphoward9 says:

    ‘Vinny is to good for this game’ hahaha

  9. AceHank2001 says:

    @MunchingOrange It doesn’t, it only has 96 likes.

  10. Coffagrigous55 says:

    @Coffagrigous55 sorry about the ??? on flu

  11. Coffagrigous55 says:

    YOUR WORRIED?!?!? well heres my life,
    well 9/10 birthdays of mine, i have the fucking FLU!?!?!?
    no. im not being mean or mad either.

  12. Pokefoozeldamaster16 says:

    This gym is confusing.

  13. parsaa10 says:

    i think u should use haxuras

  14. parsaa10 says:

    i think u should ues haxuras

  15. ICRSHDRMS says:

    Dieno reminded me of a goth-emo kid.

  16. suiabsreon says:

    (dee-no) dieno

  17. Reshiram787 says:

    By the way IT’S OVER 9,000!!!!!!!

  18. XxmonkeybuisnessxX says:

    A woobat? :P . When i was in a cave trying to train i accidently ran into a shiny woobat :)

  19. blackwing824 says:

    my way beating the gym:
    ferrothorn: 3curses up, 3 1HKO ironheads

  20. pokemonhead65 says:

    the item is rocky helmet

  21. noobpwner2469 says:

    someone who recently beat this gym give me your friend code so i can challenge you to see if im ready for this gym plz

  22. RobloxNoobTube says:

    Whiteboy7thstreet sounds almost like you. But he hit Puberty so….

  23. straydrummer925 says:

    snake way

  24. LibertyAlohadeVera says:

    Guess what Orange should have gotten the TM Giga Impact (hehehe)

  25. LibertyAlohadeVera says:

    Leavanny (A.K.A Spankwire) is either weak or strong

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