Pokémon Black & White – Episode 30

Episode 30 – Relic Castle I forgot to edit the audio this video… it was about 2 hours to upload. I really don’t feel like going through that again. ;( If you liked this video, remember to leave a Thumbs Up please! I’ll link to my deviantART when I find my USB with all my art projects… Pokémon Black and Pokémon White are developed and published by Nintendo and Game Freak. Please support the official release.

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  1. alotofcash123 says:

    the fire pokemon change to darnanitan and i got it by the way.

  2. AliChick2484 says:

    Lol my mom works at wendys

  3. AliChick2484 says:

    West-Side Wendys

  4. mayyoke76chew says:

    Idoit !!!!! Must catch pokemon (at least keep them in PC)

  5. furyofbury says:

    gingers invaid the cave:)

  6. hellmate2020 says:

    wierd i got a cofagius and it had no nick name soo

  7. 2468helloman says:

    i feel sorry 4 charlie at 4:30 that hunk of shit must have smelled real bad

  8. MrRocky01234 says:

    quite an adventure you had

  9. multidragon909 says:

    hows my team
    samurott lv 45
    fraxure lv 40
    darmanitan lv 41
    eelectrik lv 42
    golett lv 42
    ice cream cone 2nd evolve lv 42

  10. zorua666 says:

    my zoroark has h.i.v :(

  11. undereaper says:

    dominicans dont have herpes im dominican and i have h.i.v lol jk but seriously

  12. undereaper says:

    dominicans dont have herpes im dominican

  13. xxkrischelle124xx says:


  14. MegaHaxorus says:

    Dude when u beat the game u get to battle these kids That give u at least 10000 each time u battle them u can battle them every day in undella town

  15. TheDesertsUnited says:

    why did you realease victini

  16. Chrisirhc1996 says:

    7:35 he said shit. PG-12 this episode should be ;3

  17. Lallycm says:

    game sounds are too loud, its hard to hear him :(

  18. kingkoolisout says:

    its not cofag. you say it like cofugrigus.

  19. hockeyDUDE669 says:


  20. Aqw1Roblox says:


  21. Aqw1Roblox says:


  22. xXPandaAttackedxX says:

    @OmegaGommba so was you. ._.

  23. rizardragonic says:

    dude the audio is too loud

  24. OmegaGommba says:

    @xXPandaAttackedxX your adopted

  25. minecraftkid2 says:

    Dude u took ruphys!

  26. Albert says:

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    tnx for info!…

  27. billy says:

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  28. wayne says:

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