Pokémon Black & White – Episode 42-1 [Reshiram Battle]

Episode 42 – The Legendary Reshiram Please remember to Thumbs Up and share this video! ;D Thumbnail by Tuooneo! Check out her awesome arts! tuooneo.deviantart.com Pokémon Black and Pokémon White are developed and published by Nintendo and Game Freak. Please support the official release.

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  1. 2468helloman says:

    behold the awesome power of lagginess

  2. MrLumpyTroll says:

    omfg i downloaded a free version and im at the end and when a talk 2 rashiram at freezes fack my life!!!

  3. vulpix397 says:

    i got a master ball sumhow to catch reshiram

  4. xstarxgirlx21 says:

    I beat the story plot part of Pokemon Black and white in less than 24 hours. Now I’m at the story plot! :D I nicknamed my Reshiram, ‘ Reshie’ :D

  5. Pokefoozeldamaster16 says:

    Fusion Flare

  6. bigestboob1 says:

    ur playing black when reshiram comes but u will play white when zekrom comes correct?

  7. MrHaru666 says:

    MO, you have Emboar, Whimsicott, Chandelure, and Vanilluxe… Can I ask you which ones are the last team members? Just to know.

  8. LegionLegoman says:

    I needed one quick ball. I love those SOOOOOO much

  9. dracke8000 says:

    cant wait till grey comes out

  10. TheEvanbeast says:


  11. BsProOrLame says:

    audio died at the reshiram and zekrom part

  12. lapisturner says:

    are you going to play a after game ?)

  13. metalthrasher85 says:

    OMG Spirit Bomb (Fusion Flare)

  14. superstar254l says:

    fusion flare ( beat the game twice on black )

  15. HoshiSkyKitty says:

    @TheDarkraiGuy i do not rember i think at on of the stores

  16. janesh1100 says:

    i only neded to use one pokeball

  17. TheDarkraiGuy says:

    @HoshiSkyKitty Where did you get the Quack ball? :/

  18. HoshiSkyKitty says:

    i use a Quack Ball to get Zekrom in my first try

  19. MultiJachi says:

    You’d think a legendary pokemon’s ultimate attack would destroy a normal human.

  20. MultiJachi says:

    @AceryBoGG Yup.

  21. aMzNeoXist says:

    Reshiram ftw!

  22. Subterra218 says:

    I heard that when theres an akward silence a gay baby is born…LOL!! XD

  23. Percival917 says:

    @MrChickenwizard Fuck off, idiot.

  24. MrChickenwizard says:

    @Percival917 even if it’s in the future why would a teacher want to do it with a grammar nerd?

  25. AceryBoGG says:

    So just let me get this straight, because I have been told alot of different things… So if you have the Black Version, then you will battle Reshiram, and if you have the White Version, that guy there will have Reshiram and you will battle Zekrom? Is that how it goes then?

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