Pokémon Black & White – Episode 39 [Elite Four: Caitlin]

Episode 39 – Orange VS Caitlin When my power awoke, I came close to destroying everything around me. That weak person no longer exists… Pokémon Black and Pokémon White are developed and published by Nintendo and Game Freak. Please support the official release.

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  1. CalvinHerdierSawkZeb says:

    @ticntacn its my last too but its my easiest

  2. albanokeabboo says:

    i beat her in one try! :D

  3. albanokeabboo says:

    dude she looks drunk >.>

  4. Chuggaaconroy014 says:

    Hey! my name is Caitlin! Ok so i’m a lady in diamond and pearl and a elite four member in black and white! wtf?!

  5. ticntacn says:

    this is the last elite fourfor me…its fucking impossiple! i hate sigilyph!

  6. spinningstarsBC says:

    In my highschool you need community service to graduate, so thats probably why he’s doing community service. Either that or he’s a convict, Ha! lulz, jk.

  7. anthonywhistler says:

    why the hell would you do community service..?

  8. Recraw7 says:

    @Haxorus101 Indeed.

  9. TheEvanbeast says:

    how come u have to work for your school

  10. 55thefame says:

    i had the most trouble with caitlin

  11. ZzLucasJrzZ says:

    After i beat 2 out of 4 of the elite 4,i am out of stuff and lose to the 3rd 1 D=

  12. cartoondude99 says:

    in my game mushrnas moves are hypnosis dream eater pychic and refleft

  13. DrFlash44 says:

    at 1:48 he almost said Avenged Sevenfold – btw love that band

  14. dragonichronicles says:

    71st comment, argh…

  15. 8legodude says:

    make another video orange!!

  16. Haxorus101 says:

    Ratchet and clank is fun

  17. Chomarty says:

    you know, you’re better off with revival herbs…so much faster to heal fainted pokemon…you can get them from Driftveil (not sure on spelling) Market…

  18. MoonyPwns says:

    thumbs up for pie

  19. PikalaxALT says:

    You mean “Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.” Caitlin lives in the Battle Castle, which did not exist before Platinum.

  20. PokeFan91197 says:

    lol, Sygilyph has a frozen penis.

  21. 9YoshiBlue says:

    Im giving away a lv 100 Groundon tommorow on Pokemon Black or White.in the union room on 5/30/11 at 3:00pm. FOR ANY LEVEL ARCEUS

  22. MegaPokemonbattler says:


  23. Victoriaonline29 says:

    lol 3:20,
    Nintendo wasn’t aware of sex.LOL

  24. 15triforce says:

    3:19 best part XD

  25. BUGHUNTER6 says:

    LOL Spankwire

  26. Armando says:

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  30. terrence says:

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