Wi-Fi Battle #428 (Killer Nacho vs TheSuperJai)

Alright, so here’s a rematch with TheSuperJai, a Youtuber I fought not so long ago in Underused. This time I was looking for a Gen 5 standard, and he happened to be at the right place at the right time, so I accepted. Trying out a few new guys including a lead Mew since I’ve seen them use to great effectiveness, and I really like them (and Mew in general). Anyway, leave a comment about your favorite Gen 5 Lead Pokemon. Check out my opponent: www.youtube.com Follow me on Facebook & Twitter: www.facebook.com www.twitter.com Check out my blog: thekillernacho.blogspot.com Link to the TPX chat, as requested by some: xat.com Like, comment, subscribe!

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  1. Skymnkey995 says:

    What are the EVs for your Zapdos?

  2. bacarty2000 says:

    wash rotom w/trick & ring target

  3. theplopr1939 says:

    at 8:40 (ish) u said he was sashed? or something and that raises ur sp att by 150% (3) and draco meteor lowers by 2 so it wasnt -2 it was +1 wasn’t it?

  4. TheSpitfre says:

    Love my gliscor as a lead

  5. LunarEclipse135 says:

    I like aerodactyl; taunt, and and enough speed to stop the opponent setting up rocks. It’s got access to stealth rock itself, and it has good enough attack to leave a dent in the opponent’s team before going down.

  6. MasterShadeful says:

    @XxGlynwenxX it’s a Terrakion, a legendary. You have to beat the game to catch it. It’s in the victory road in a cave near the end. Hope I helped a little but :/

  7. XxGlynwenxX says:

    What Pokemon was his Blitz? I havent come across one yet lol but I kinda want one

  8. Unknownrulesall says:

    Pidove :D

  9. andtingsofdatnature says:

    Lum metagross…representing 4th gen!

  10. pokybleachz says:

    @chorkiel well i guess that’s what happens when your horny but have no gender

  11. WhizKidNate says:

    Life Orb Infernape =D

  12. justrzdakingz says:

    I know how to tuck in pokemon and all, but how do i get a sheer force nidoking?

  13. WalkthroughMan401 says:


  14. downtown991 says:

    im going to guess his gengar is running this set

    Gengar @ leftovers
    4 Hp / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    Focus Blast
    Shadow Ball
    works really well against choiced anything

  15. mullensax55 says:

    I like froslass

  16. clausebreaker says:


  17. punkyhippo says:

    i guess dual screen serperior, because its got high speed so it can set up screens quickly and if the opponent tries to take advantage of setting up rocks while u set up screens you can taunt them, rendering them useless.

  18. MrKratos50001 says:

    My favorite Lead is Bulky Garchomp. It trolls so much.

  19. awesomeiss says:

    there are 10,000 views exactly as i’m watching this. :)

  20. Br0therD0ll says:

    On 9:14

  21. Br0therD0ll says:

    Why doesn’t SuperJai used pain split on your doomcannon?
    He could f*cking gain health and do a lot of damage to doomcannon?!

  22. Readarmon says:

    In UU, my favorite lead is a Musharna with Yawn, Calm Mind, Moonlight, and HP Fire. With its synchronize, bulk, and atypical move-pool, it always gets me the upper hand.

  23. Epic8787 says:

    @demarioknight Yeah but charizard isnt exacly (not north american) dragon

  24. demarioknight says:

    @Epic8787 dragon user huh?

  25. Zephyer50 says:

    Multiscale Dragonite cause its fancy.

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