Pokemon Black and White Music – Legendary Battle

Pokemon Black and White Music – Legendary Battle

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  1. Rhys2692 says:

    @alexdz123321 Are you calling me a liar? If this is true, I will destroy you.

  2. alexdz123321 says:


  3. IanROX22 says:

    This was my math exam’s theme

  4. Rhys2692 says:

    I got every single last pokemon in the game shiny and legit with just one pokeball total.

  5. joytotheworld56 says:

    @Andr3Varsity -.- U LUCKY SON OF A -

  6. Andr3Varsity says:

    @joytotheworld56 LMAO AHAHAHAHAHAHA did that on Rayquaza with a great ball

  7. McLovin6n9 says:

    @Dragoonknight717 No I’m afraid it’s not just you, but heck I capture Reshiram with a normal pokeball with out even touching it on my first try I got it with a pokeball. To think that Reshiram/Zerom/Victini in the game they can’t come out shiny but they are easy to capture but Victini is not that easy to capture in some point if your lucky on your first capture.

  8. blueaquajet3 says:

    @pooper349753 Zekrom cannot be shiny

  9. pooper349753 says:

    i got Zekrom shiny, used one Heal ball.

  10. Dragoonknight717 says:

    @Holycow164 I used a Quick Ball for Zekrom, a Master Ball for a Shiny I found.

  11. newyorkcityparkour says:

    @joytotheworld56 I caught zekrom in 1 pokeball hehe…

  12. greekid99 says:

    @Holycow164 i catched mine with ultra ball!!! but that was smart what youve done!! i wasted my master ball even if i didnt want to! i was trying to catch my reshiram and when i was about to press the ULTRA BALL button to catch it with an ultra ball, a stupid friend of mine that we have invited over pressed THE MASTER BALL!!!!!!! and thats how i wasted my master ball… well my “friend” is sooooo deep in the ocean right now XD XD XD

  13. Holycow164 says:

    @Dragoonknight717 i saved my masterball for kyurem.

  14. Dragoonknight717 says:

    Is it just me… or is Reshiram/Zerom REALLY easy to catch?

  15. greekid99 says:

    @johanneersej123 no… i caught my tornadus with a simple quick ball!! i tried lots of times and i did it when its hp was lowered A LOT… try quick balls again and again!

  16. michaelmyers764 says:

    about to go up against elite four champion on pokemon black (i already beat pokemon white)

  17. jasqueotirra says:

    I killed reshiram twice, on the third I throwed just 1 great ball.

    He was like imploring “PLEASE catch me already -_-”

  18. SuperCTG007 says:

    This is Zekrom’s saying:

    Kountries (Pokemon regions)
    Massive damage.

    This is Reshiram’s saying:

    Sets of

  19. TheFinalfrontier2 says:

    this is actually reshirams thme it has flame effects at 1:18

  20. Justy4752 says:

    Kyurem’s like: go DUSK BALL! 3 secs later CATCH

  21. YuzawaUri says:

    Am I seriously the only one who kills the genies on first sight…?

  22. dingastinga says:

    Hello trainers.

    Look at your legendary, now back to me, now back at your legendary, now back to me.

    Sadly, he is not me. But, if he had power over ice, represented wuji and was an optional boss, he could look like me.

    Look down, back up, where are you? You’re in giant chasm, with me.

    What’s in your hand, back at me, I have it. Your master ball, so you can’t be a noob and catch me in one turn. Look again, it’s frozen.

    Anything is possible when you have a Kyurem.

    I’m on a Keldeo.

  23. Treemeslave says:

    im sad because the guy with the legendary waiting room coment is not visible D:

  24. manicZi2 says:

    @greekid99 thank you very much

  25. beltzxander says:

    @Treemeslave lol!!!! Did that happen >!>KL!HUHGCIKY JG%E^%TFGDFUCKJNW

  26. sean says:

    nagel@snaked.transposition” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    ñïñ çà èíôó….

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