Pokemon Wi-Fi Battle 9 – Blame Truth vs. The Killer Nacho (NU)

If you want to see more battles I’ve done, check out the playlist: www.youtube.com His channel: youtube.com

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  1. XGameMaker says:

    Does anyone know how to fix this error 20100 it keeps happening when ever I try to get on wifi :/

  2. Koutakami0 says:

    BlameTruth VS. TheKillerNacho a epic battle

  3. Ninjaboi37 says:

    This video’s quality is superb for recording it off a DS. I wonder what type of camera he used…

  4. TDNRider says:

    the are…107 idiots cause you don’t say

  5. aCronicSTD123 says:

    @Zanoxis either patience, or hacking. cus hacking is what 95% of what these people.

  6. BeatleFloydify says:

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force. <3

  7. TheDevicer says:

    I guess hasty not to bring down physical attacks and to capitalize on ele’s speed. That or maybe +attack -defense.

  8. KanineReturns says:

    @Zanoxis Time, Patience, and luck

  9. KanineReturns says:

    @TheMilanMiki Its a Shiny Charzard

  10. TheMilanMiki says:

    why is his charizard black??

  11. Zanoxis says:

    question, how did he get a shiny charzard?

  12. bleachkiller3 says:

    what nature is your shaniqua?

  13. suparockr says:

    @juicee235 they play on DS’s, Pokesav doesn’t work for emulators

  14. pieryguy says:

    “check out this new pokemon commentator
    Colonel Caterpie
    he is sub boxed on my channel”

  15. gamefo12 says:

    i wanna battle someone so here:

    Name: noe

    FC: 4083 5977 1988

    pm me ur FC

  16. omega9761 says:

    when he send out golduck it laugh

  17. moodygarcia11567 says:

    the games i have are pokemon diamond, heartgold and the new super mario bros well is old soo yeah

  18. moodygarcia11567 says:

    do u use ds emulator cause i do

  19. mrShamontiel says:

    if u dont copy and paste a kid with no legs or legs is gonna kill u and everyone is gonna forget u excestied and if u do never go to a comment like this ever again

  20. JeanPowerson says:

    I just think you really make battles challenging, I hope we can battle someday!

  21. thebigbang465 says:

    what the hell flat chest she has boobs

  22. juicee235 says:

    do people use ds or emulators??

  23. ireland2k12 says:

    @XxDCftwxX it could just be dirty.time for bathy time

  24. XxREDRUMxXx says:




  25. ireland2k12 says:

    @XxDCftwxX no it dosnt. it might have not have had bathy time in a while.

  26. kenneth says:

    compatability@obesity.tooling” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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