Pokemon Black and White Music – Trainer Battle

Pokemon Black and White Music – Trainer Battle

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  1. OyonTheAdept says:

    when will the next “stalling game” gonna be out? you know, there were Sapphire and ruby… and then emerald.

    or you got diamond and pearl… and then platinum.

    What about this game? i really wanna buy the filler game.

  2. hyperRadiantThunder says:

    in my opinion RSEquels>RSEmakes

  3. mastersword1000 says:

    It’s good, but never got me pumped as much as sinnoh’s counterpart on full volume.

  4. MisteryRublox says:

    @Mucrush You have GOTTEN to be sure if the champ is steven or wallace, cause if you get the wrong team or started youre screwed

  5. piplup2mew says:

    @LegendofNintendo17 True that.

  6. UnfittingMusic1001 says:

    @Chase1002newaccount I do.

  7. irelandcool1 says:

    Its so much fun using just the same move over and over again on the same pokemon that appear in so many trainer battles

  8. MisteryRublox says:

    @Chase1002newaccount PS: AAAAND Getting Zoroark, i have Movie Entei

  9. MisteryRublox says:

    @Chase1002newaccount Gonna get BW this month ^^

  10. Themisteryification says:

    epic shitty music

  11. dalonset69 says:


  12. Chase1002newaccount says:

    sometimes think im the only pokemon fan left, then i see all these people online, supporting it.

  13. ResidentEvil3030 says:

    @glitchman161 I would say Pokemon Chrome, but that’s just me.

  14. Aaron4444444 says:

    @MegaDarknero Maybe, but youre forgetting there were no “platinum” coloured legendaries in gen 2 or crystal ones in gen 4. You cant name the game without first finding the right pokemon for box art

  15. glitchman161 says:

    @MegaDarknero You took the words right out of my mouth.

  16. MegaDarknero says:

    @Aaron4444444 Remember the names of the Gen 2 and 4 games? Gold, Silver and CRYSTAL for Gen 2, and Diamond, Pearl and PLATINUM for Gen 4. Gen 2 should’ve had Platinum, and Gen 4 should’ve had Crystal.

  17. MisteryRublox says:

    @Chase1002newaccount No, you and 154.

  18. Aaron4444444 says:

    @glitchman161 Black, White, Topaz? Only stupid people would do that.

  19. glitchman161 says:

    Everyone thinks the next Pokemon game is going to be Gray… Nintendo rarely uses ideas from their fans and they like to keep the element of surprise. For all we know it could be Pokemon Topaz.

  20. jb08045 says:

    1:27 Nuff said.

  21. Mikeytheawesomesest says:

    @Chase1002newaccount No,no you’re not :p

  22. manicZi2 says:

    why is it that you have to wait until you’re ten years old to catch pokemon but there are 6 year olds doing it e.g youngsters

  23. Aaron4444444 says:

    Hilda/Hilbert is a stupid name! Blair/Whitlea is much better!

  24. EstelleTheHedgehog says:

    @Chase1002newaccount no, I like ‘em too :P

  25. DragonDePlatino says:

    Can’t…stop…listening to Black and White music…Gray…please come out soon!

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