Pokemon Wi-Fi Battle 11 – Blame Truth vs. Haydunn (UU)

If you want to see more battles I’ve done, check out the playlist: www.youtube.com I won the first battle, Haydunn won the second… who will take the third? Watch and find out! His channel: youtube.com Music is The World Just Screams and Falls Apart by deBaser, used with permission

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  1. Bballfan54321 says:


  2. sens4cup1 says:

    @insertnamehereololol its so funnny how this got 69 thumbs up

  3. LilWayneTheBestMC says:

    fuck ads

  4. TheRedBull223 says:


  5. fatsocatso911 says:


  6. multiYellowHorse says:


  7. NightbladeNotty says:

    nice battle you two are my fav battlers xD

  8. elteerev293 says:

    lmfao rotocooter made my life

  9. TheSparringPanther says:

    @nathanroxs123 Tiers are rankings which define popularity and strenght of pokemon. NU (never used), UU (under used), BL (border line), OU (over used) and Uber are the tiers. Ubers are legendaries. Which pokemon is in which tier can be found on smogon. Google it.

  10. ZEEMAN1996 says:

    if any body wants 2 battle txt me @ 484 663 0322

  11. gamefo12 says:

    i wanna battle someone so here:

    Name: noe

    FC: 4083 5977 1988

    pm me ur FC

  12. nathanroxs123 says:

    whats a tier and what are the different tiers?

  13. bleach4711 says:

    @KingHurler97 he uses a ds :)

  14. namgyu says:

    u should teach haydunn how to say facade

  15. TokiyoManiac says:

    @Xaruze Rofl very true :P

  16. lightningluxray101 says:

    Halo 4

  17. KingHurler97 says:

    anybody know what emulator he uses
    if u do get back to me

  18. acdcjonnyboy says:

    nice battle :D and what do you mean by a pokemon being choiced or scarfed? and what is the song? theres some SICK double bass fills going on in there! and a nice little piano solo at the end :’)

  19. XLRO8 says:

    can someone tell me something? its about ev training you see i dont know if the ev training still counts if you doing something like a battle tower thing that demotes you pokemon to lv 50 i mean is my pokemon about the same strength?

  20. doggiepineda says:

    @angusKaiser They use POKESAV, without abusing it. :)

  21. AwzumDude says:

    Funny how he named his Lanturn Groudon lol, I thought he did have a Groudon! :P But that is a good idea to name your Pokemon after legendaries so it can fool others into thinking you have that legendary. And for tricking the noobs, they’ll think that Pokemon is called it’s name. :P Thanks for the great idea Haydunn :D

  22. 16tiwils says:

    Please no music

  23. angusKaiser says:

    Are all your pokes flawless?? How do you do that?

  24. ash61402 says:

    on twitter is ur name blame truth

  25. Xaruze says:

    @TokiyoManiac I’m positive that more than 27 people have lost to Haydunn, lol.

  26. darren says:

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  28. adrian says:

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  29. Albert says:

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  30. Evan says:

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