Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough Part 21 – The Champion of Unova

So in this part we fight the champion… well, that’d be cool. XD This video is overdue, I’ll have another one overnight if I don’t crash from lack of sleep in the next hour or three. Video Question: Who is your favorite champion? Last Vid Comments: From: Freshboot Fisher Man Stan Magicarp Lv 1 – Splash Magicarp Lv 1 – Splash Magicarp Lv 1 – Splash Magicarp Lv 1 – Splash Magicarp Lv 1 – Splash Magicarp Lv 100 – Splash – Draco Meteor From: ArneV21 Name: Vanessa Type: Steel and Ghost Pokémon: 1) Dusknoir (Lv.55 Moves: Shadow Baal – Will-O-Wisp – Ice Punch – Mean Look) 2) Klinklang (Lv.55 Moves: Hyper Beam – Gear Grind – Discharge – Charge) 3) Chandelure (Lv.56 Moves: Fire Blast – Shadow Ball – Psychic – Will-O-Wisp) 4) Metagross (Lv58 Moves: Meteor Mash – Psychic – Shadow Ball – Magnetic Rise) She has black hair whit a stress of blonde, a blue cape and jeans. She hands out the Shadow Badge :) From: CoolioCoolnessIsCool Name: David 8th Gym leader Background: Disagreed with a Gym Leader’s unnecessary aggressiveness toward weaker trainers. Challenged the leader and won. David then took over the gym. Looks: Crazy blonde hair with purple highlights, neon green sweat pants, bright orange jacket, shocking yellow undershirt, silver reflective shades, rainbow colored shoes, and neon medallion. Pokemon: Gigalith Level 49, Conkeldurr Level 49, Krookodile Level 50, Klinklang Level 51, Elektross Level 53, Haxorus Level 55 Thank You and Enjoy! Remember, to be eligible to be entered

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  1. nmackay1000 says:

    hmm probably steven or wallace

  2. MW2XSNip3s says:


  3. tailsrock1540 says:

    the herdiars are dancing

  4. Onyxsbayne says:

    Cynthia, she’s the strongest one

  5. SuperBadadan says:

    gary motherfucking oak

  6. corbinbleu77 says:

    I would like Lance but he stole Red’s theme so no. Gotta go with Cynthia.

  7. jman8253 says:


  8. ShiningxOn says:


  9. phantomgirl1997 says:

    totally agree ballerbossbeastftw

  10. SecretCelebi says:

    @xXD4NNYxB01Xx I know, but he is a Dragon Type user. Gyarados can learn lots of dragon type moves. and right now i don’t even know why im answering this

  11. xXD4NNYxB01Xx says:

    @SecretCelebi HA! Lance doesn’t use only dragon types, fool. His Gyarados isn’t a dragon type.

  12. annihlator3 says:


  13. SecretCelebi says:

    Alder. His theme is my favourite. Otherwise it would be Lance because he’s the only champion that I’ve fought with only one type of pokemon. Dragon.

  14. TheWalt70 says:


  15. meganico98 says:

    Lance! dragon type: total awesome!

  16. limelungs242 says:

    cynthia! that chick is HOT!thumbs up if u agree lolz

  17. monster4928 says:


  18. dojoheadmast says:


  19. dojoheadmast says:

    stevens cool

  20. Yugiohworld268 says:

    i like steven

  21. EviLChexmix99 says:

    gary is the best champion thumps up if you agree

  22. TDogisme450 says:

    Lance was a deffinate fav for me cause I couldn’t get a good strategy with my team and I had to get an altaria from my emerald and teach it ice moves

  23. DavCheat says:


  24. nintendogeek5999 says:

    @Nightmare37227 Can’t disagree with that! Hahahahaha

  25. nintendogeek5999 says:

    That is a no brainer: Steven!!!!

  26. Alfredo says:

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  27. Oliver says:

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  28. Roy says:

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  29. Vernon says:

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    ñýíêñ çà èíôó!…

  30. Jorge says:

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    ñïñ çà èíôó….

  31. clinton says:

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  32. craig says:

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