Pokemon Sapphire Walkthrough Part 5: Petalburg Woods

This is part 5 of my ongoing walkthrough for Pokemon Sapphire. In this video, we head through the Petalubug Woods and fight Team Aqua. We finish off by entering Rustboro City. I will be recording more so stay tuned and subscribe!

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  1. oakin413 says:

    Don’t you hate it when you use howl and the computer makes the other trainer continue using growl?

  2. TheRpsv says:

    @oakin413 if he did, i didnt heard

  3. oakin413 says:

    @TheRpsv I believe he said that.

  4. TheRpsv says:

    Also you can find taillow on the woods

  5. TheCursedcupcake says:

    my pokemon team in pokemon ruby: swampert lv.94 mightyena lv 72 gardevoir lv 78 shedinga lv 81 solrock lv 90 aggron lv 87

  6. DetectiveKaitou1412 says:

    lol i got sand attacked 7 times so far

  7. DetectiveKaitou1412 says:

    oops correction a adamant natured shroomish

  8. DetectiveKaitou1412 says:

    lol i was messing around in petalburg woods trying find a modest natured shroomish and bam comes a Shiny shroomish though its nature is Quiet but i excited i also wanted to get a slakoth for a hm slave

  9. hpfresh91 says:

    lass trainers look like whores in leaf green and saphire…

  10. Tracetopher says:

    watch my video free shiny pokemon give away. it can be any pokemon. if you like shiny pokemon of your choice like my video and comment it saying what game and pokemon

  11. samjayphillips says:

    omg i got this far and my game crashed and i never saved it !

  12. Fishy2shoe says:

    i just used 3 hours of my time to level my level 19 pineco to level 31 just to evolve it. I need a life.

  13. hollmoll123 says:

    did you know there is a patch of grass behind the flower shop?

  14. blacklord124 says:

    In Emerald, you vs. both Team Magma and Team Aqua.

  15. maanasrocksonyoutub1 says:

    You have good pokemon

  16. maanasrocksonyoutub1 says:

    Your the best

  17. ninjavj100 says:

    i luv your walkthrouths

  18. UNFAMOUShero says:

    @AceWarfareX nice

  19. B4LiStiC says:

    my tailow grew 3 lvls and ownd em all
    its easy to train
    i recomend it
    thumbs up if u like

  20. B4LiStiC says:

    my tailow grew 3 lvls and ownd em all
    its easy to train
    i recomend it

  21. catipabluras says:

    i think team plasma are better thugs …even they kick pokemon

  22. MysteryAnnihilator says:

    My Team at end

  23. Liberater948 says:

    My team at the end of this video

    Treeko: Luigi lv 17 :D I cant wait for fucking repels lol

  24. liv3andl3arn1 says:

    my team at this point (same as my walkthroughs)
    In Order
    Slakoth lv. 7 Motionless
    Wingull lv. 11 Garbagegut
    Mudkip lv. 11 Mudblivion
    Lotad lv. 11 Ingrain

    Please watch my walkthroughs as soon as they are posted!!!!

  25. morgankg says:


  26. Paul says:

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    thank you!!…

  27. ted says:

    perfunctory@exploited.twinkling” rel=”nofollow”>.…


  28. francis says:

    informing@bright.arbitrate” rel=”nofollow”>.…


  29. lyle says:

    leukemia@secretary.kafka” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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