Sailor Stars Episode 173A-English Dub

Sailor Stars Episode 173 Part 1 of 2.

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  1. AnimeManiac1987 says:

    obviously a fan dub

  2. pcuspard says:

    luna my cousin is in love with artemis

  3. Aznshorty308 says:

    yati? really mars? and jupiters voice is soooo wierdddddd

  4. brianna2500 says:

    what kind of man lets a girl open her own ring?

  5. brianna2500 says:

    what song is that at 5:58?

  6. AngelonAngel says:

    mmmmhmmmmmm ~ lol

  7. ShinyTune says:

    ….is this a fandub?

  8. xGwEnAmOrE says:

    @TheLinaLoN HAHA agreed!

  9. TheLinaLoN says:

    Oh god Makoto’s voice make it stop, make it stop! Where’s Susan Roman when you need her! Also the english name changing thing… yuck. Also Artemis… he and mamoru should switch voice. Looks like EVERYONE can do Luna’s english British voice haha. Oh geez changed the backround music too? Okay I’m done.

  10. Trunkten2601 says:

    It’s like I’m watching Dragon Ball GT!

  11. gurlie1275 says:

    is tht a wedding ring?!?!?!

  12. Coniathree says:

    whoaaa no joke, this is a great fandub.

  13. GirlsGeneration147 says:

    @BoyXGirlANIME you are right she did now look she is going to be queen

  14. luisitotm says:

    horrible fandub

  15. MewVenus says:


  16. lemonademouth329 says:

    The sailor starlights r guys that transform into girls.

  17. Savemelollipopfan says:


  18. luna8200 says:

    Is that the first time Darian says ‘i love you’ 2 Serena??

  19. briannaisawsome1 says:

    fan dubbed~!

  20. mey3318 says:

    @TheAljnaz thanx…

  21. TheAljnaz says:

    @LiveLaughLove8489 haha sure no problem happy to help a fellow Sailor Moon fan :)

  22. LiveLaughLove8489 says:

    @RaidonzAnimationFact Yeah, it was a little freaky for me at first b/c i thought originally it was just clothing hiding their bodies to make them appear like males. But I think it’s a disguise like USagis Luna Pen that disguises herself in season 1 and it makes her appear older or anythign like that.

  23. LiveLaughLove8489 says:

    @TheAljnaz That’s what I thought, but I hadn’t watched it in about 5 years (this season) so I wasn’t sure if it was a recent thing or not. Thanks for replying! Super nice of you.

  24. TheAljnaz says:

    @LiveLaughLove8489 it’s a Fan dub this season was never dubbed in english

  25. TheAljnaz says:

    @mey3318 so when the light Mamoru’s plane it’s basically Galaxia attacking getting his starseed and killing him just watch the series it gets better :)

  26. Rex says:

    insured@ferry.calibre” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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