Pokemon Wi-Fi Battle 17 – Blame Truth vs. Space Shark (UU) (Heart Gold/Soul Silver)

If you want to see more battles I’ve done, check out the playlist: www.youtube.com His channel: www.youtube.com My twitter: twitter.com Music is DST by deBaser: www.youtube.com

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  1. EV0Ltage says:

    dont people use something called pokesav? i think it lets you just action replay any pokemon to your game or something :/ Theres hardly anyone using legitimately trained pokemon anymore.

  2. latiasandlatios1234 says:

    @darthdenji on wifi, you can set your pokemon to lv 100 temporarily for the battle.

  3. Psycho5275 says:


    consider that Toxicroak has max speed of 295 and it’s 4X weak to Psychic types

  4. pepsicancola says:

    i already got black and white

  5. thenucularmelons2 says:

    @darthdenji its called cheats….

  6. pokemon1389 says:

    instead of using both heracross and toxicroak us one both are fighting types just one is bug the is poison and poison does more than bug will give a better advantage in battle

  7. chr1smoore says:

    hey do people still play this online?

  8. homeworkisannoying says:


  9. ash61402 says:

    u r my idol

  10. 7h3V0r73x says:

    @MrMegaCooLPants The Vs. Recorder cuts out delays between actions

  11. MrMegaCooLPants says:


  12. MrMegaCooLPants says:

    is this speed up or do you really have to make the decisions that fast? O.o

  13. TheSparringPanther says:

    @personz2000 Start by raising a decent amount of usable pokemon. The game sets the pokemon on level 100, but you should get the ev’s right. After that, u can search for chat rooms where players gather, and request a battle. :)

  14. MotherPunker970 says:

    @darthdenji its like that in wifi battles,if u select lvl 50 battle,it will make all ur pokemon lvl 50,same thing goes for lvl 100 battles…

  15. joel6781 says:

    @ImTheRoadhouse do u 4th gen battles

  16. KoReYzHD says:

    How do you know what hidden power it is ?

  17. TheShotgunfun101 says:

    @darthdenji I was told that they all use a pokemon hacking prgram called Pokesav or something like that

  18. ImTheRoadhouse says:

    @codyhack13 U play heartgold?

  19. Theoxmaninator says:

    Why is there no more cod? :(

  20. codyhack13 says:

    my friend code is 146372692549 my name is cody

  21. arrancarfan says:

    @darthdenji no they are hack pokes all wifi battlers do it i asked dmac this once most of them will only have a few pokes they actuly ev trained and raised all the way to lv 100

  22. Direksone says:

    @sbtristopher Yea, what he said: NU, but you can always use pokemon that are in a lower tier in a higher tier team, but you’ll be in the tier your pokemon with the highest tier has. Example: 5 NU pokemon, but you got a Mewtwo> bam you’re in uber.

  23. CheezyMoon3 says:

    @sbtristopher She’s actually NU

  24. sbtristopher says:

    gardevoir is UU???

  25. hyperblast81 says:

    @CoolRedSweater7 Heh, agreed.

  26. Jessie says:

    chump@encroach.worcestershire” rel=”nofollow”>.…


  27. Melvin says:

    partlows@egregiously.worshiped” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    ñïñ çà èíôó!!…

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