1997 Sailor Stars (Kaiteiban) [11/11]

1997 ウインタースぺシャルミュージカル 美少女戦士セーラームーンセーラースターズ [改訂版] 1997 Winter Special Musical Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Kaiteiban) A revision of the original Sailor Stars musical. Based off the Sailor Stars arc of the manga/anime, Usagi must deal with the new enemy, Galaxia, while dealing with Mamoru studying abroad. This musical has some of the best performances of the first stage. The Three Lights, Katayama Sayuri as Seiya, Ono Hikari as Taiki, and Okuyama Momoko return in this revision, and Kawasaki Mao returns as Chibi Moon, Kasahara Ryuuji plays the dynamic MC Fly, and Endou Ado appears as Sailor Theta. One of the best musicals, IMHO. Japanese audio with English subtitles. Songs: * ラ・ムール ダ・ムール ムーンライト L’amour D’amour Moonlight * ラ・ソルジャー La Soldier * 伝説生誕 Densetsu Seitan Cast: Sailor Moon – Ooyama Anza Sailor Mercury – Morino Ayako Sailor Mars – Kotani Misako Sailor Jupiter – Satou Emika Sailor Venus – Nakaya Kanatsu Sailor Uranus – Kimura Sanae Sailor Neptune – Tahara Hiroko Sailor Pluto – Saitou Rei Sailor Saturn – Takeda Keiko Sailor ChibiMoon – Kawasaki Mao Tuxedo Kamen – Mochizuki Yuuta Sailor Star Fighter – Katayama Sayuri Sailor Star Maker – Ono Hikari Sailor Star Healer – Okuyama Momoko Galaxia – Sara Saori Pewter Fox – Iemura Junko Iron Mouse – Maruyama Chie Titan Kerokko – Yamaguchi Haruko Tin Nyanko – Hosokawa Toni Buttress – Seki Shiori MC Fly – Kasahara Ryuuji Sailor Theta – Endou Ado Sailor

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  1. Dragoon11792 says:

    Why does Chibiusa never perform La Soldier at the end of the musicals?

  2. NovellieHope says:

    really funny Tuxedo Maskis the only man

  3. Badelves says:

    I think that sailor uranus is kinda pretty :) (Please don’t tumbs down :( )

  4. Kquance says:

    poor venus…. she nearly tripped

  5. KTB006 says:

    That Tuxedo Mask is so dreammmy <3

  6. sodakandy says:

    WTF did I just watch

  7. TheAljnaz says:

    such a great Sailor Moon ! I loved her!!!

  8. TheMsCoasterluver1 says:

    @calymicaela because there are only women singing at that point. like many women and one man singing?? :S

  9. jinilover says:

    the sailor kick proves that she is mars even she didn’t wear the uniform

  10. Mermaids094 says:

    probably cuz he’s not asailor senshi

  11. SilverFalconz08 says:

    it would be cute and funny if chibi usa came out with the pistols.

  12. Chibikan says:

    Hikari is magnifique here. But then she is magnifique in all of her roles, so that’s no surprise.

  13. josiah17 says:

    *Sigh* Thanks for uploading. Sailor Moon will always be in my heart! For forever. :)

  14. YuuchanKaorinNacchi says:

    I’m moving on to the second stage now, for better or worse….meh I know it’s probably for worse but hopefully someone will impress me.

  15. YuuchanKaorinNacchi says:

    Still those three musicals had everyone working well together. They were really on point. I like that. I noticed that When Anza, Ayako, and Misako are on stage they just start radiating the essence of their characters. Sanae is a great Uranus, and Rei a great Pluto too, and I liked both Fuji Miyuki, and Tahara Hiroko as Neptune. Keiko may be old but she’s great as Saturn.

  16. YuuchanKaorinNacchi says:

    This is the third musical I watch and so far they’re all Anza and all got 10/10 rating.

    Yume Senshi Ai Eien Ni Kaiteiban Saturn Fukkatsu Hen
    Sailor Stars Kaiteiban (Even if I can’t stand the Chibiusa here)
    Eien Densetsu Kaiteiban FFS! Senshuuraku (Even if I can’t stand Galaxia and ChibiChibi)

    To me Shirai Tamaki Dia was a better Chibiusa, & Saori a better Galaxia than Tamami. I generally dislike ChibiChibi so it isn’t really Mao’s fault it’s just me being picky with that one.

  17. OwlPostMistress says:

    Mars is so cute when she comes out to bow. Overall a good myu…good acting from all, especially Morino Ayako, Anza, Mochizuki Yuuta, The Three Lights, and Saitou Rei. Saitou-san makes a very good Pluto.

  18. calymicaela says:

    so in 1:33 why is tuxedo kamen not singing

  19. JVL00N says:

    I love Katayama Sayuri, Ono Hikari and Okuyama Momoko! They totally rock!!!

  20. JVL00N says:

    yea!!! she was shaking her hips there, when everyone else wasn’t! She totally rocks!

  21. seramyueggy says:

    That ws the best musical ever, even better than at school!!!!

  22. seramyueggy says:

    When Galaxia died I was crying it was so sad. ;(

  23. liwrt says:

    I like Eien Denstsu better, but this musical had some real nice scenes too, I loved the Edo Era Scene :)

  24. Sakananechan says:

    gahhhhh! That was so goood!
    I laughed
    I cried
    I cheered


  25. liwrt says:

    its a manga picture yes, from the artbook..

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