Pokemon R/S/E Remix: Sootopolis City

I’ll probably do some BW remixes next. Download/High Quality: pokeremixstudio.floatzel.net

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  1. Vibby95 says:

    @Vibby95 IS fantastic, almost brings tears of joy to me.

  2. Vibby95 says:

    they had fucking better remake R/S/E.. this song almost is fantastic

  3. snapperturtle12 says:

    @PokeRemixStudio this makes me nostaligic, it makes me miss the past, not depressed

  4. BeyKex says:

    What could be nicer than surfing in the crater of a F*CKING WHITE VOLCANO, having almost all the badges (or all of them) and having already captured groudon/kyogre while listening this theme!

  5. Sanjixoxo says:

    love this song but it make sme sad as well idk why hmm…

  6. GoldDiaruga says:

    @WonderBlubber Same! :D

  7. WonderBlubber says:

    Takes me right back to Hoenn.

  8. kaleng123456 says:

    Just wonderfull thanks man,finally the sootopolis city theme , ur my hero <3

  9. MakroPoskoci says:

    Pokémon music is simply fantastic and your remixes are awesome! Keep making more of them!

  10. Scuro1000 says:

    @Ardomew Whut? Burgh dosen’t come even close to Wallace when it comes to….ehm, flamboyantness…

  11. DarkBlazeLeggendaxu says:

    Like it! :D

  12. LegendaryPokePeeps says:

    @Scuro1000 I Know They Need to Make a DS Version


  13. excruciatorFOUR says:

    cant wait for r/s/e remakes! xD

  14. Scuro1000 says:

    This song reminds me why I love R/S/E so much….
    Best pkmn games evah no doubt.

  15. titanb5 says:

    @SuperSorenNetwork i know man those poor 5people

  16. mastergalladetech says:

    @Ardomew if this were the old youtube, id give u five stars good sir

  17. BelieveINLoveNOW says:

    I’ve been listening to this since 6 PM yesterday. alkjwenfalwjfnkdsf
    A thunderstorm outside makes it all the more poignant.

  18. Pokepediahelp says:

    7 people have been smashed by Groudon, cuted in 10000000 pieces by Kyogre and eated by Rayquaza

  19. Ardomew says:

    Game Freak : Sorry Wallace, but we found someone even more flamboyant than you.
    Burgh : Hiiiii friend! Do you like to get covered in honey?
    Wallace : I hate you… *clenches fist*

  20. keysle says:

    Sounds like a magical place… A place you can get lost in.
    Like a magic circus…

    oh childhood

  21. TheKyoProductions says:

    remids me of bert from marry poppins. (chim chim cheree)

  22. soonerrocks says:

    if life had theme music ( i wish it did ), this would be France’s theme.

  23. srcoleccionista says:

    You gave it a depressing tone, nothing bad about it, but I don’t relate Sootopolis with depressing. But I think that tone would sound good on Meteor Falls, I don’t know why.

  24. Hyperdunsparce says:

    do you do requests?

  25. Reydeponce13 says:

    this makes me wanna have a water based adventure

  26. Luther says:

    protectively@perpendicular.exhausting” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    good info….

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