Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Part 52 – Will

GJLSDLKJFSFDLFKDRAWR!!! Oh whatever YouTube gods that exist that don’t want me to upload and keep giving me exports, if this file type doesn’t work, I give up. Oh, and thanks for making me need a Google account to log in, that only kept me out of my account for 3 days. Darn it. Anywho, I’ll try to get both Will and Koga up today and a Black/White/Bruno tomorrow. This is such a facepalm delay. I have so many videos waiting to be uploaded and for some odd reason YouTube isn’t accepting my regular file format. Oh well. Thank You and Enjoy! Visit my YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com Visit my Facebook at www.facebook.com Visit my Twitter at twitter.com Visit the SS Forums at www.superskarmory.net

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  1. blueviolet3321 says:

    LUXRAY LV 50
    AZELF LV 50

  2. ChalkBawt says:

    Slowbro = Princess Leia

  3. MicroHandzCrazyBoy says:

    This is my team :D

    Level 60 Heracross
    Lvl 50 Ho-Oh
    Level 52 Ampharos
    Level 51 Typhlosion
    Level 51 Ariados
    Level 51 Pidgeot

    And a level 49 NoctOwl in the pc :D

  4. 2234twotoo says:

    I can feed a slowbro to my goldfish then!

  5. foofighterab1 says:

    Without a Zubat this team is nothing more than a farce :( .

  6. LordCaoCao155 says:

    @soccerballmagnet Yeah, and I have long past this point. All my 5 Pokemon have been fighting a lot throughout the Kanto region. My sixth edition is Larvitar, which is now a Level 48 Pupitar.

  7. soccerballmagnet says:

    @LordCaoCao155 you should put one more on your team because you have one more space on it

  8. KKFreebaird says:

    and why does he have a furret? really? i am not a fan of it

  9. KKFreebaird says:

    i get them all to at LEAST level 50, if i have a dragonair or pulpitar, i get my team to 55 and my starter 56 just so i have a dragonite/tyranitar

  10. kingalibaba107 says:

    I don’t want anyone to rate my team, i’m just posting it for fun. :)
    Typlosion 45
    Crobat 45
    Ampharos 45
    Lapras 45
    Pupitar 45
    Dragonair 45

  11. 55partyanimal says:

    @Bladerune your a beast!

  12. ThePerson759 says:

    @Bladerune i think you should trade out feebas, togepi, pichu and smoochum for magikarps. they are beast. i beat the game with a lvl 50 magikarp

  13. ThePokegames says:

    which pokemon is better??? murkrow or hoothoot please reply me!

  14. atowy7 says:

    Who else is re-watching this for fun?

  15. clubpenguinrokz1229 says:

    do you think 5 pokemon is good

  16. Bladerune says:

    yes let me join the spam: plz plz plz wont u rate my team?
    Level 200 Magikarp
    Level 300 Feebas
    Level 400 Togepi
    Level 500 Pichu
    Level 600 Smoochum

  17. fartmonkey454 says:

    my team
    level 40 typhlosion
    level 35 skarmory
    level 36 ampharos
    level 36 dragonair
    level 35 umbreon
    level 45 lugia
    i am going in right now with only lugia ready

  18. 928saphira says:

    have you noticed that will has all female pokemon.

  19. karma74722 says:

    Please rate my team
    Level 90 Charizard
    Level 92 Feragliatr
    Level 89 Torterra
    Level 96 Infernape
    Level 98 Blastoise
    Level 97 Sceptile :)

  20. honkers34 says:

    look at the tags: The Great Wall Of Spys And China

  21. lolitsphil1 says:

    wow at this point my team is mostly level 36, 37, and ho-oh which is level 45 haha…
    how come all the ppl who name their teams dont have the legendary in it!

  22. narutouzumaki2710 says:

    please rate my team

    typhlosion lv 96

    crobat lv 94

    blaziken lv 98

    empoleon lv 95

    sceptile lv 99

    torterra lv 95

    i transfererd all other pokemon from different games like ruby,

  23. luckieboymusic says:

    my team
    typhlosion lv 56
    skymory lv 55
    scizor lv 55
    lapras lv 56
    hitmonlee lv 53
    golem lv 55

  24. ExtremeScizor says:

    @pokemonmaster633 get rid of ampharos and get a grass type pokemon

  25. Scraftizard6502 says:

    I havent had a hard time with that team I beat all the gyms on the first try but i nearly lost to bruno because my Rampardos is to slow with its Zen Headbutt

  26. Derrick says:

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  27. Kirk says:

    scopes@invitational.dares” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    thank you!…

  28. otis says:

    crowd@unorthodox.hypothalamic” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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