Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough Part 10 PINWHEEL Forest! Team Plasma? Official English

COMMENT BELOW QUESTION: Did you use a BUG-type Pokemon in your team? If yes, who was it? Pokemon Black: www.youtube.com Last Video Part 9 NACRENE City Unova: www.youtube.com Join PokemonJourneyHD through the Unova Region in his “Pokemon Black and White” adventure. We will come across…

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  1. TheMinekill says:

    I have a level 80 volcarona. And I used the egg :3

  2. haloninja01 says:

    I used a Leavanny.

  3. SuperDelano2000 says:


  4. Bigmonerful says:

    Scolipede and leavanny

  5. megastaraptor says:

    hmm… Electric hits Rock without any problem -.-
    Some people get confused because of pokemon Rock and Ground like Geodude but you can it Rock with Electric. Electric can’t hit Ground types, though. Try to use it on an Aerodactyl. It will be super effective, that means it doesn’t have a difference of matchups.
    Thumbs up so everyone can see.

  6. mxzplx78 says:

    @UmbreonDarkShadow lol, That would be kickass! Then when he has N’s last pokemon down on hp, it’ll say “FINISH HIM!”

  7. Regularperson122 says:

    @TheKillermudkip and 8:45

  8. genuineghost says:

    put peace in a day care and train striker with pushpig

  9. BenitoWhitniella2 says:

    @Regularperson122 Maybe, and they don’t evolve by level but with a Moon Stone.

  10. johnoliverguy says:

    i currently have a voclarona on my team

  11. Regularperson122 says:

    are Munna’s useful at all throughout the game and what level do they evolve?

  12. TheKillermudkip says:

    and also look at 11:25

  13. TheKillermudkip says:

    put cc on and tanscribe audio and look at 11:04

  14. kooperkill says:

    my epical one…venipede

  15. TheUnlimitedLPs says:

    Bam IN THE FACE!

  16. theneel12able says:

    @andymario09 np

  17. andymario09 says:

    @theneel12able Yes that’s it thank you

  18. theneel12able says:

    @andymario09 i think thats larvesta?

  19. 20113410 says:


  20. Tweezers456 says:

    used crustle and leavanny

  21. squall0wnag3 says:

    i like pie

  22. andymario09 says:

    The pokemon that evoles into Volcarona

  23. RavingGinger279 says:

    used scolipede and volcarona gunna use dwebble

  24. Aabcyclonix says:

    Pokemon Djørni Haytch Deeh

  25. MyVideoguys says:

    get a toady again!

  26. Joshua says:

    inhibited@subtends.offshore” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    tnx for info….

  27. lewis says:

    alleviation@thirds.imbalances” rel=”nofollow”>.…


  28. Robert says:

    plasm@sturgeon.hauled” rel=”nofollow”>.…


  29. everett says:

    hostilities@descent.oppression” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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