Pokemon Wi-Fi Battle 19 – Blame Truth vs. ProPokePlayer (OU) (Heart Gold/Soul Silver)

Ok, so I’ve been on quite the win streak since I’ve started battling again… can I keep it up? Watch and see! Also, hit up the end of the video for the question of the day, I’m interested to see your guys thoughts and opinions. If you want to see more battles I’ve done, check out the playlist: www.youtube.com His channel: www.youtube.com My twitter: (follow me, I make random battle requests on there): twitter.com Music is Your Brains Fell Out Through Your Teeth by deBaser: www.youtube.com

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  1. YeahThatsNickMac says:

    @PentApleX666 shutup.

  2. shadowofichiro12 says:

    Empoleon lv.100
    Skamory lv.100
    Ditto Lv. 100
    Porydon-z lv.100
    Crawdaunt lv. 100
    Shiny Dragonite lv.100

  3. jause2 says:

    Lose the board dude you’re messing with the wrong stuff and I have seen shows about ghosts but I am in situations sometimes where I do think something else is causing it

  4. kninja41 says:

    @laggasaurusrex16 Mine was Dragoon.

  5. jessempkr says:

    Lolz this is for you guy who just came in and called us faggots…isn’t it a little rude to just come in and act like (no offence) a mother fucking asshole? Actually..I hate people who try to force religion so this is for you asshole…GHOSTSGHOSTSGHOSTS ur raging at us for talking about wht? Fucking awesome ghosts!!!

  6. rehpotsirhic says:

    I have never really been a fan of Pokemon, but I heard about competitive pokemon today so I looked it up.
    I have got to say…this is actually pretty interesting :)

  7. MrAndres158 says:

    @PentApleX666 Hey Fuck you you fuckening Butthole if you dont like pokemon you can get out!

  8. ProEuropeanGamer says:

    Lol look at the troll below me

  9. PentApleX666 says:

    you guys are all faggots….who cares about ghosts. bible beaters gtfo you shouldnt be playing pokemon you should be reading the bible or some boring slave-like shit

  10. djwulputt says:

    sorry, ghosts are bullshit :)

  11. MRaverz says:

    Read Richard Wiseman’s Paranormality.

    Ghosts are a load of rubbish.

  12. eesainteman says:

    like this if you think my party is good. Infernape,lucario,staraptor,Jolton,Espeon,and Palkia. (pokemon pearl)

  13. Ben10Filmaker says:

    make Tits McGee learn earthquake so u can get back at electric types

  14. tk07takeo says:

    Again, this is the Biblical perspective on ghosts! This can also be applied to aliens and Sasquatch sightings!! lol
    of all things, THIS topic shows up in a pokemon video but!!
    lol this is pretty interesting though!!!!! Good stuff and God Bless!

  15. tk07takeo says:

    And using a uigi board, man… is just asking for demonic activity!!!!!!!! by using one, you are actually inviting demons(disguised as ghosts) into your home!! My friend, if you do indeed have a ‘haunted house’ I advise you to throw away that stupid board, and I encourage you to go talk to a Pastor about it(trust me, my dad is a pastor)!!!

  16. tk07takeo says:

    True, there are ghost stories where the ghost actually helps a person. why would a demon help a person, right!? But the belief of ghosts is inconsistent with what the Bible says. So whether a ghost is a good ghost or not, belief in them would just mean you’ve fallen into their trap!!

  17. tk07takeo says:

    This is because of other kinds of Spirits that are’nt human spirits(angel,demons, the Holy Spirit, etc…) are causing them. It is believed that Demon Spirits just ‘pretend’ to be dead people to torture and deceive the living and make the Bible seem inconsistent. So if you are dealing with ghosts, you are actually dealing with demons!!!!!!!

  18. tk07takeo says:

    Good Game!!

    Anyway, from a Biblical perspective, there are no such things as ghosts. However, there is in fact paranormal activity. This topic is one where the Bible doesn’t really talk it about much though… but once you die, it is believed that you are called to God to be judged to go to Heaven or Hell. You CANNOT get stuck on earth!! this then would completely disprove the existence of ghosts, right? But it can’t be denied that there is paranormal activity!!

  19. SSwildfire says:

    I beileve in ghosts and that we don’t always go to heaven or hell

  20. clausebreaker says:

    I used to believe in hollows from bleach

  21. ChileeCream007 says:

    asshole ishurt by poison

  22. MotherPunker970 says:

    i beleive we have some kind of a ghost/spirit/soul in ourselves,but i think we just go to heaven or hell when we die,i dont think any soul stays on earth…if it does then the shinigami will bring them to heaven LOLOLOL!

  23. ErosLibrus9 says:

    i do believe in ghosts and t=you have to loose the board cuz it”ll just make things worse, and if it gets bad you can always use some salt and sage to keep it out so no worries. as for pokemon if i could battle online i would enjoy battling you with my tems

  24. dnrevan778 says:

    Some advice, don’t use the board.

  25. DarkTropius says:

    Yes i Do !!! :)

  26. scott says:

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    good info!…

  27. Kevin says:

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  28. ralph says:

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  29. dennis says:

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  30. Nicholas says:

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  31. Leroy says:

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  32. Antonio says:

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