Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver Walkthrough Part 10

Part 10 of Lueroi’s Pokemon HG/SS Walkthrough In this video, we battle the Azalea Gym Leader, Bugsy. Next time we will leave Azalea Town.

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  1. koreankevin1994 says:

    Rising Sun!

  2. TheBoGamer says:


  3. TheBoGamer says:

    My team before bugsy :

    Totodile Lv 17
    Zubat Lv 18

    Yeah, underleveled >,>

  4. SuperCalski says:

    this may sound idiotic but i got to the pokemon league and thought ” damn am jjust using the exact same pokemon as last time and i always picked cyndaqui”l so i thought long and hard and decided to new game and start again and so far am using pokemon i have never considered using and my a=pokemon are around 20-12 and i havent entered bell sprout tower yet :)

  5. MultiEthanZ says:

    I never knew this but is bugsy a boy or girl?? O.o

  6. Cozzbeey says:

    @sKrILLerX awesome my other pokemon was milotic lvl 86

  7. MeatHoll says:

    @Skino473 nice
    How did u get so much rare candies XD
    Or did u hack

  8. Skino473 says:

    @Cozzbeey Hey, screw you guys, i actually raised a MAGIKARP to level 52 WITHOUT LETTING IT EVOLVE IN TO GYARADOS! So much win

  9. airimee says:

    after i fell in love with volcarona i will never underestimate bug types agian. it single handedly became my favorite fire and bug type at the same time..and pretty much because at lv 100 it has 320 speed and 400 Sp.atk. it will rape you.

  10. SuperFritiof says:

    I know a person named Mimi :)

  11. XIXownageXIX says:

    why is beedrill a Hornet or Wasp and not a bee?

  12. mizuzu21 says:

    caterpie is fucking amazing

  13. SeThMaxUsReViews says:

    my babysiters name is mimi

  14. WaterLily728 says:

    I know someone named Mimi

  15. RoflCopterGamingHD says:

    Hows this team for the end game? I’m thinking of restarting:
    Noctowl/ Pigeot

  16. ThreeLittleRandoms says:

    One of my best friends is called Mimi :P

  17. grayish7824 says:

    I passed the game with a ledian but it was hard because it learns pure attacking moves and is a special attacker

  18. TheANBart says:

    I know Mimi from Rent (the musical).. it’s a name i guess.

  19. cbeast135 says:

    i have used a ladian and beat the elite four its not that bad

  20. SnowfluffROX says:

    omg right when i walked up in front of bugsy MY FREAKING REPEL RAN OUT!!!!

  21. cassidysturgess says:

    Lueroi in your gym battle u have called Bugsy a girl twice lol

  22. Mrsoulapart says:

    @mamalegrange u can get one in bug catching contest…i caught a pinsir…awesome pokemon

  23. StevenTheMajestic says:

    my grandmas name is mimi…

  24. LampitoBrothers says:

    pff i solo syter whit gasly

  25. Eozzy519 says:

    Mimi’s my nickname -_-

  26. Patrick says:

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  27. Guy says:

    disciplining@inwardness.danish” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    thanks for information!…

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