Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver Walkthrough Part 15

Part 15 of Lueroi’s Pokemon HG/SS Walkthrough In this video, we make it through route 35. Next time we will check out the National Park.

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  1. TheMetalhead89 says:

    OMG! That happened to me today, I sent out my quilava and vulpix sent out Kenya on me too! And all vulpix did was roar so exp for everyone but not enough

  2. patwick26 says:

    this is my team:

    Rattata lvl 18
    Zubat lvl 17
    Geodude lvl 18
    slowpoke lvl 17
    i know you guys are wondering why i dont use the starter and the reason for this is because i found the game too easy with the pokemons i used last time and so i decided to use pokemons that people usually dont use.

  3. XscarmetalbeybladeX1 says:

    @TripleHwwe118 than why u ask 2 days ago if u aleadry beat it last week

  4. TripleHwwe118 says:

    @XscarmetalbeybladeX1 sorry i beat it like 1 week ago i had quilava

  5. XscarmetalbeybladeX1 says:

    @TripleHwwe118 u need a geoude to lvl 15 so it can kill it by a rock throw cuz bug is weak to rock

  6. TripleHwwe118 says:

    i Just beat the 1st gym and my starter is at ur starters lvl i still need 2 beat bugsy

  7. ShadowAbsol65 says:

    Now I need to heal up… WITH ROOST! mwa haha…

    One of the top Lueroi moments in HG/SS

  8. mizuzu21 says:

    pay back is a bitch

  9. brianrocks1231 says:

    @dogsarecoolio2 at night @_@

  10. randomname1025 says:

    u didnt get evee

  11. CamachoHALO says:

    i just bought a freakin DS. LOL

  12. dogsarecoolio2 says:

    you can actually fight that policeman you know..

  13. RoflCopterGamingHD says:

    if its a critical does it make it Magnitude 14?

  14. JasonsMusic2 says:

    Dratini is a beast mine just evoled :} and im on the 5 gym hes 5 levels above my haunter and qualaval.

  15. OrangeKonekoChan says:

    I miss Juggler Irwin’s closing line from the original games.

    “Ah! I dropped my balls!”

  16. SuperOnliine says:

    lol, when i saw how strong that stupid tree was i much catch it :p then i failt xD

  17. Rxypup says:

    When my starly, Sky High, learned wing attack, I was killing pokemon left and right. Heck, Sky High actually managed to get 5 lvls ahead of my starter (I tried to keep them around the same lvl) in two battles. That’s a little sad and disappointing for my Turtwig, I think I named him Herb or Acorn. Uh..once I get back on, I might post my team up…

  18. yourmomsucksbollocks says:

    I stayed in the games corner and got enough coins for a dratini :P those things kick ass

  19. MCGoldYoshi says:

    OMG that vulpix used roar on me too and guess what got sent out THE SPEAROW :P

  20. Fishy2shoe says:

    Magmar is a Charmander-wanna-be, just look at it!

  21. hotchocosupreme says:

    that spearow can be helpful in the 4th gym you can teach it attract bacause its ghost type SPOILERS!

  22. SickToxicBoyy says:

    @humanoidrob ME TOO! :D DD!

  23. nick19967768 says:

    I started this game at the same time as Lueroi, I’ve watched through all these parts but I still haven’t got out the home town yet, know why?
    I started off just wanting a shiny starter, did it for about an hour, no luck, went to bed (this was about part 4) I’ve watched parts 4-15 today and STILL have not got the shiny starter :( At this rate, It’ll be part 50…

  24. xxxxlaksid says:


  25. EllunaHellen says:

    STUPID STUPID STUPID >_> I’m playing pokémon gold and I had a level 10 magikarp, which I left at the daycare until it was level 19. Then I trained it up one level, THEN found out I had a rare candy


  26. Otis says:

    andy@swarmed.stripped” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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