Pokemon Wi-Fi Battle 20 – Blame Truth vs. KwandaoRen66 (OU) (Heart Gold/Soul Silver)

Sub to him here: www.youtube.com If you want to see more battles I’ve done, check out the playlist: www.youtube.com My twitter (follow me, I make random battle requests on there): twitter.com Music is Orochi by deBaser SPOILERS: So yeah, the hax inevitably didn’t matter by the end, it was my own misplay and E-Lo not making a real mistake all match that caused my undoing. GG either way. :) I have another match with him I’ll upload soon, a NU match, so stay tuned.

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  1. Need4MarioBros2 says:

    @nathanroxs123 Leafeon needs more coverage, replace Aurora Beam with Ice Beam on Vaporeon, Vine Whip, Solar Beam AND Leech Seed on Venusaur? Sunny Day for Vine Whip, and Sludge Bomb for Razor Leaf.
    Give Togekiss Roost. Infernape has the worst moves I have ever seen on a level 100. ThunderPunch for Fury Swipes, U-Turn for Flame Wheel and Fake Out for Ember.


  2. rrojas200 says:

    @lionleobow you were a stupid child

  3. CRaZeDSpiRiT says:

    BlameTruth= the true pokemon master

  4. baseballfreak989 says:

    @LaPicturesque pokemon blue and yellow? fuckin amazing

  5. LaPicturesque says:

    @TheRedBull223 haha that move didn’t exist when i was a kid!

  6. TheRedBull223 says:

    @LaPicturesque and frenzy plant

  7. nathanroxs123 says:

    Please can people send me friend codes

  8. kbcavs22 says:

    @nathanroxs123 NO

  9. clausebreaker says:

    I reckon stealth rocks r helpful even they cripple a lot of bug/flying and fire/flying

  10. thenucularmelons2 says:

    @lionleobow dont teach it too many hm’s

  11. jaketmoore12345 says:

    :D Nope, you have no coverage and some are anti natures.

  12. nathanroxs123 says:

    Does anyone think my team is good?

    Infernape:-Lv. 100,Relaxed,Moves:Close Combat,Fury Swipes,Ember,Flame Wheel
    Togekiss:-lv. 100,Serious,Moves:Sky Attack,Fly,Metranome,Extrasensory
    Leafeon:-Lv. 100,Quirky,Moves:Grass Whistle,Magical Leaf,Razor Leaf,Leaf Blade
    Hitmonchan:-Lv. 100,Docile,Moves:Fire Punch,Ice Punch,Thunder Punch,Close Combat
    Venusaur:-Lv. 100,Bold,Moves:Solar Beam,Razor Leaf,Leach Seed,Vine Whip
    Vaporeon:-Lv. 100,Bashful,Moves:Surf,Aqua Ring,Last Resort,Aurora Beam

  13. brad96920 says:

    i had the most epic battle the other day :D

  14. Aquabolt1495 says:

    What’s your Breloom’s Fourth Move?

  15. suparockr says:

    @LaPicturesque I bet you would’ve benefited from choice specs

  16. BlankShadowz says:

    @Need4MarioBros2 He was saying his Charizard sucked. So fuck his Charizard.

  17. Need4MarioBros2 says:

    @lionleobow Awesome, but I don’t think it should have cut because:
    1: It has two Normal type moves,
    And 2: Cut’s pretty weak.
    But Charizard is awesome, so I’m not dissing your Charizard!

  18. superskarmfan2 says:


  19. jimboslice711 says:

    @LaPicturesque same here but im smarter now sunny day then fire blast lol

  20. thatwasbuttery171717 says:

    i also dont think stealth rock should be allowed because for someone that actually likes to battle with pokemon they like and enjoy using, they always have to battle in nu and stuff

  21. DanielProctor775 says:

    My strategy as a kid…
    Danny sent out dugtrio.
    Dugtrio used earthquake.
    Dugtrio used earthquake.
    Dugtrio fainted.

  22. Alphaninetysix says:

    I’m not hating, but post more Black and White wifi battles. You stopped the influx of that, and that is one main reason I subscribed to you. That, The pokemon walkthru, and you and DSP are the only guys I watch FPS on

  23. eusoumaniaco says:

    most SOB lead: scarfed forretress w/ spikes, toxic spikes, stealth rock and rapid spin. max HP and Speed ev’s.

  24. Camman22424 says:

    @ILovetheGovernment *facepalm* <—- that was an appropriate time for a facepalm, when someone, you in this case, completely misses the point.

    he is saying that his charizard had those simple attacks because thats what pretty much everyone had. he was comparing himself to BlameTruth. Blametruth has all these different moves and strategies, while he just had fly and strength, ect. really, was it that hard to figure out?

    ohh, i just love it when an idiot *facepalms* me and is completely wrong.

  25. ILovetheGovernment says:

    @Camman22424 this kid probably played blue version, not fired version not soul silver. blue version on the original gameboy. hes charzard was pretty much indestructible. n00b

  26. duane says:

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  27. julian says:

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  29. jeffrey says:

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  30. Martin says:

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  31. calvin says:

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