TWO-MIX – White Reflection (Music Video)

TWO-MIX was featured in “Sailor Moon UNIVERSE’s” 2nd Episode using the song “INNOCENT DANCE”. Here is a music video from TWO-MIX for the song “White Reflection”. (VIDEO/MUSIC) Licensed/owned by King Records/Warner Music Japan.

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  1. RedNForcer says:

    @Kenshiro3rd Another reason why I asked about the animation is because I try to look for the right animation that would match with the movement computer 3d they used in Transformers Prime and Live action.

  2. RedNForcer says:

    @Kenshiro3rd Ah well,we like our Gundams,and I try to create my own.

  3. Kenshiro3rd says:

    @RedNForcer Cool. my fave NON Gundam MS is Sazabi… and same here XD

  4. RedNForcer says:

    @Kenshiro3rd I guess I may have other machines to favor besides the freedom,like Wing/Wing Zero,Strike Freedom,I don’t know how to continue.

  5. Kenshiro3rd says:

    @RedNForcer Mine is Epyon XD

  6. RedNForcer says:

    @Kenshiro3rd Yes,and the Freedom was my favorite Mech.

  7. Kenshiro3rd says:

    @RedNForcer cool unlike a lot fo the fans i actually really enjoyed seed as well and don’t consider it a rippoff

  8. RedNForcer says:

    @Kenshiro3rd Well I liked the Seed series,because it’s the first Gundam Series I’ve ever known and watched,and what got me into watching the gundam series is that I used to see my brother watching Gundam Wing.

  9. Kenshiro3rd says:

    @RedNForcer out fo curiosity which series is your fave? Mine is EASILY Zeta.

  10. RedNForcer says:

    @Kenshiro3rd Indeed it is.

  11. Kenshiro3rd says:

    @RedNForcer Gundam is ONE HELL OF A MECHA series.

  12. RedNForcer says:

    @Kenshiro3rd When I’m in my fantasy,I’m trying to picture the right animation evironment.

  13. Kenshiro3rd says:

    @RedNForcer no Prob This is actually the theme for Endless Waltz thats why i know who’s responsible XD

  14. RedNForcer says:

    @Kenshiro3rd Thank you,I was just curious.

  15. Kenshiro3rd says:

    @RedNForcer Sunrise the same studio responsible for Gundam Wing Endless Waltz

  16. franzboyet says:

    Nice animation for a music video.

  17. RedNForcer says:

    The animation looks realistic,I know it’s just meant for the video,but I wonder who helped design and animate it?

  18. HERALDHERALD says:

    @happyWitchgirl This song was used as the ending theme song in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

  19. ShonenShogun2970 says:

    Who did the animation for this? I’d love to see animes in this style.

  20. Artimis07 says:

    @JPaulDistrict It was the opening song for Gundam Wing – Endless Waltz and i think it was featured in Sailor moon also

  21. Shaldanboy says:

    its the theme music for gundam wing endles waltz :)

  22. Brennan1000000 says:

    Best music video ever. Gotta love Two-Mix.

  23. SaikoDono says:

    @trottosomnig but hey, the video without this song wouldn’t have that feeling.

  24. BalmungM90 says:


    Totally love listening to this on Christmas :)

  25. ColoradoSamurai says:

    Always nice to listen to on Christmas Eve.

  26. homer says:

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  27. austin says:

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  29. Matt says:

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