Bring me to Life – Anime

This is my first amv ^^ Anime: +Sailor Moon +Inuyasha +Fruits Basket +Fushigi Yuugi +CCS +Rurouni Kenshin +Vampire Princess Miyu & some Ayashi No Ceres Song: Bring me to life – Evanescence I hope you like it ^_^

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  1. Darkness3256 says:

    Whos the cat dude and what animade

  2. starpower38 says:

    open doors more like open books XD
    anyway i like your amv

  3. negima37 says:

    What anime is in 3:41?

  4. negima37 says:

    Anime? 2:07

  5. anncool66 says:

    i have these two vcr’s of sailor moon.some how my grandma got them,let me have them during this year’s superbowl.i love anime!idk how,but i’ve gotten into it alot!

  6. carolina80159 says:

    hOw can u see intO my eyes like Open dOors??
    di mi nOombre ii salvame d la Ooscuridd<3<3<3

  7. Im1bombalicious says:

    they have the coolest cartoons

  8. thediamant1231 says:

    this was incredible<3

  9. 72yanin says:

    @immortalraven17 fruit basket

  10. kagomanga70 says:

    I love how the animes came right on the beat! this movie is awesome!!!!!!!! i cant stop watching it!!!

  11. kagomanga70 says:

    I love how the animes came right in the beat! this movie is awesome!!!!!!!! i cant stop watching it!!!

  12. fantasyfuture1 says:

    @animoon hey i just noticed that 2:43 is actually Ayashi no Ceres

  13. immortalraven17 says:

    @OrangeMe123 thanks

  14. OrangeMe123 says:

    @MegaRockstarQueen inuyasha. the one after it is fruits basket.

  15. OrangeMe123 says:

    @immortalraven17 i believe it is fruits basket.

  16. fanime1 says:

    Oh cool! I know all of these anime!

  17. piipponene says:

    lol at 0:00 it says disc end special

  18. shardslight says:


  19. immortalraven17 says:

    1:12 what is it ?

  20. niky9965 says:

    Wats the first episode of fruits basket on here?

  21. niky9965 says:

    I love this song so muuuch this is like my 40x watching it

  22. farlybob says:

    This is a great video!

  23. MegaRockstarQueen says:

    what anime is on 1:52 ?

  24. lovewater377 says:

    good job !

  25. XPrincessPupX says:

    cool lee o!!

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