Drawing Process: Neo-Queen Serenity & Small Lady

Thanks for being so patient, guys. I know i promised this video eons ago, but i’ve been caught up with the whole “it’s time to graduate” craze and all that entails. I dunno how i feel about this one…i guess overall it looks pretty ok, but if you look closely, i didn’t ink it with the care tat i should have. Here’s a clearer picture, by the way. img509.imageshack.us Again, if you’re an apt Digital Colorer, and you’d like to initiate a Collaboration piece, let me know. I’ll scan the picture, send it to you, you can do whatever you’d like to it, and we’ll post it on Deviant art or something. If desired, do not hesitate to comment, rate, suggest, request, critique, and most importantly, enjoy =) Coming up: This coming week is FINALS week, so i’ll be busy busy busy. I will take breaks, and a nice break will prolly be another drawing. I will redo the outer senshi group picture, because i hate it! And someone requested a neptune and seiya kou peice, so i might combine that into one drawing to make it easier. After that i will go on Sailor Moon hiatus, and i’ll post the usual artwork that i do.

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  1. KelsiMontana123 says:

    The best drawing i ever seen! >w

  2. Sailormary20 says:


  3. Sailormary20 says:

    Most improved:)

  4. JasPinkFlower says:

    tis is grat

  5. NibblesNimue says:

    wow… thats wonderfull

  6. MultiTreeBranch says:

    G@y song though.

  7. monteymonkey says:

    you are AMAZING!!

  8. KaiRiSoRALoVe18 says:

    Wow that was very beast hahaha i always wanted to learn how to draw Neo-Queen Serenity :D thank you for inspiring me :D

  9. LPSProductionsFans says:

    i have the same pen

  10. soniafung1 says:

    can you send me this picture

  11. girldancer001 says:

    That is truley amazing skill right there. What I wouldnt give to be able to draw like this.

  12. daisyXcrazi says:

    Small lady is Rini

  13. xRockonPeoplex says:

    i never got chibiusa’s hair right… haha

  14. SonOfGoth says:

    your tutorials really helped, but could you please make a tutorial on the hands, that is the part i have always had trouble with

  15. KelsiMontana123 says:

    Wow! I love it! <3! Even though i love to draw! I never get to draw this beautiful!

  16. IseeYouAndYouDont says:

    Wonderful o_o You know what I still can’t do? Draw without turning the sheet of paper around =S

  17. deathangel66690 says:

    you are a really really great artist .. i love it .. once i think that i can do this best xD but then i saw this is amazing no more words to say great work

  18. CatMuto says:

    Good god, I just got outta a depression mood due to people drawing better than me .. why am I watching this now?! Q_Q
    Btw, what sort of pen did you use for lining? Is it good? I have use a 0.03 pen and my scanner still doesn’t recognize tiny bead holes.


  19. CelineK18 says:

    Goodness you make this look so easy!

  20. QueenOfTheGames says:

    You make it look so easy

  21. supersimsboy says:

    Moon princess is the BGM if anyone wants to know!

  22. dreamwishergirl says:

    OMG thats amazing! I would hang that on my wall.

  23. TottokoHamtaro10 says:

    simply beautiful!
    i luv the songs too!
    where did u download moon princess from?

  24. bubblesun says:

    heh!!!??! ur really good!

  25. AEROblivion says:

    @Siyaenna for your own manga, you might wanna check out markcrilley’s page, he’s got lotsa info for that :)

  26. scott says:

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  28. Seth says:

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  29. Julius says:

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