2001 Fan Kansha Event [02/08]

2001 ミュージカル 美少女戦士セーラームーン ファン感謝イベント2001 Musical Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Fan Kansha Event This is the Fankan promotion for the Black Lady musical. This introduces the final Moon of the musicals, 12 year old Kuroki Marina. It has your standard Fankan stuff: new senshi introductions, the “passing of the tiara” from Miyuki to Marina, duet corner, Q&A, etc. Somewhat entertaining fankan, but somewhat on the dull side. Marina is my least favourite Moon, and Miyuki’s hilarity in the beginning just makes me wish she was still Sailormoon. But I know she’s very popular in the Myuverse, which is why I’m uploading all these fourth stage videos. There are some good song performances here, though. Japanese audio with English subtitles. Songs: * You’re my Jewelery Credits: www.sailormoonfansubs.com http

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  1. shari6213 says:

    This is totally my opinion and I don’t want to offend anybody but I liked marina as sailor moon and I liked the new tuxedo mask I wasn’t a big fan of the first sailor moon…

  2. narniaslan47 says:

    she doesn’t look twelve

  3. inlovewithJLT says:

    I love you Miyuki <3

  4. williefleete says:

    this is just too funny

  5. NguyenDon198 says:

    I like this Sailor Moon wig better then the other past Moon wigs!

  6. senichka09 says:

    @OceanbornAngel whyy??

  7. CrumpleHornedSnorkac says:

    @OceanbornAngel What was it?

  8. taytaytnk says:

    haha ow my cheeks hurt from smiling so much xD miyuki is so funny xD

  9. CrumpleHornedSnorkac says:

    This whole thing is just WAY too cute

  10. musicdevotee4life says:

    I miss miyuki :(

  11. OceanbornAngel says:

    Miyuki was very ill. She couldn’t continue as Sailor Moon.

  12. littleficky says:

    can’t believe marina was only 12 years old 0_o (i was still look like a little girl when i was her age)

  13. YuuchanKaorinNacchi says:

    This LINK is really bad. Marina you’re the worst replacement yet. Nobody can top Anza but at the least I could enjoy most of what Fumina and Miyuki had to offer. I can’t even stand Marina’s normal voice. That tiara passing was pretty hilarious. Even with the baby voice Miyuki’s normal voice is still preferable to Marina’s. Miyuki’s singing voice was nasal but Marina’s is squeaky there’s nothing worse than a squeaky singing voice. That You’re My Jewelry is not as good as in Kaguya Shima Densetsu.

  14. musicdevotee4life says:


    it’s so funny :)
    lalu lalu la :D

  15. KailenNAudrey says:

    is this a play or just songs????

  16. fieldsfan336 says:

    Marina-chan is so kawaii!

  17. yaminokai says:

    I know, I felt so bad for him. Chances are the audience didn’t even notice the mistake until it was pointed out.

  18. rydo909 says:

    That’s terrible! And why was my comment marked as spam, how retarded

  19. BibliophileGirl says:

    The ages of the Mamoru actors when they started go as follows:

    ~Mizuki Sano – 20
    ~Yuuta Mochizuki – 27 (as Mamoru; he was Kunzite first)
    ~Yuuto Enomoto – 17 (as Mamoru; he was Pegasus first)
    ~Amano Hironari – 21
    ~Edo Hidemasa – 21
    ~Kenji Urai – 19 (2 months shy of 20)
    ~Yuu Shirota – 17
    ~Gyo Miyamoto – 25

    So Yuuta’s the winner for age, with Gyo (Marinamoon Final Mamoru) in 2nd place.

  20. BibliophileGirl says:

    @rydo909 (whose comment was marked as spam): Miyuki-san died of heart failure on June 18, 2008. She was only 24.

  21. rydo909 says:

    This duet is beautiful

  22. rydo909 says:

    What killed her? :(

  23. XxMUSICxCORExX says:

    Bahaha, this is great. So funny. Miyuki is certainly missed.
    Marina is adorable. And Nao-sama, AHH. Haha, I love Nao-sama.

  24. ChibiWinry says:

    oh man

    when Miyuki came out I almost cryed @____@

  25. ideoplastic says:

    This clip is the first time I’ve ever felt pity for a Tuxedo…to be called out on stage like that…after your first introduction. I’d find the great Nao-Uranus intimidating as hell.

  26. Kirk says:

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  27. Melvin says:

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    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó!…

  28. Lewis says:

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