Darien and Serena

It’s about Darien and Serena, the cutest couple on Sailor Moon!

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  1. starprincess07 says:

    Which episode/movie is 2:50-2:53 from? Thanks! Awesome video!!!

  2. leannaleana says:

    no one cand replace serena in dariens heart they were together when they were kids but broke off and got bac together they are perfect

  3. Moonangel517 says:

    omg…this makes me miss my childhood so much. I loved them! i especially like serenity and endymion. <3

  4. dmanurman says:

    O.o weired my name is darien lol /im single ;) :P

  5. xoxrebecca18 says:

    What song is playing at the beginning of the video? from 0:00 to 0:20?

  6. littlemagicaingirl says:

    @EmmiMayJ 1:54 is the super s movie. and 3:13 is sailor moon r episode 51(english dub) 63(japenese).

  7. EmmiMayJ says:

    From which episodes is the clip from 1:54 and the one from 3:13?

  8. Olivitina says:

    nice job
    what is the opening song called?

  9. Sanimegirl24 says:

    awesome. one of the best amv i have seen. i love this song and they are one of my favorite couples

  10. KaiShadowDranzer2431 says:


  11. jbsailormoontwilight says:

    its on the first movie

  12. PurpliJess says:

    at 0:42 what episode is it?

  13. slputt says:

    no, i dont think so

  14. AbbsterRulz says:

    that sux it only workx on microsoft i think do u use a mac?

  15. tristanbpacatang says:

    lol they are so cute. i see the episode where they are married i kinda like it hehhehe

  16. ultimatebishoujo29 says:

    where did u get the clips 4m? i £ this couple

  17. slputt says:

    i cant do it

  18. slputt says:


  19. AbbsterRulz says:

    wats the name of the episode?

  20. AbbsterRulz says:

    i made them by pressing Alt + 3 ♥

    (how do u put those little hearts??? )

  21. ChibiusaEmy says:

    wow…they are so beautiful together also when they are serenity and endymion!

  22. slputt says:

    it waz a dream. they never got married in the anime

  23. slputt says:

    but i think they would be cute together^-^lol

  24. slputt says:

    ya u said it

  25. PrincessSerena91 says:

    good job!

  26. dan says:

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  27. Eric says:

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  28. Dale says:

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    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó….

  29. ramon says:

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