SMA Series Episode 8

Sailor Moon Abridged – SMA – Episode 8 Jedite goes after little kids in an amusement park. The Scouts just so happen to be there. Convenient things are great. ——————————————————————— What have we here! Sailor Moon Abridged? As seen on Megami33’s now-gone channel? That’s right, lovelies! In case you didn’t realize that SMA has their own website ( and a new video host (, we decided to ALSO reupload to YouTube once more! Will we get kicked off again? Maybe! But let’s enjoy it while it lasts! ——————————————————————— CAST: Serena – Megami33/Megami36 Luna – Megami33/Megami36 Amy – KrisRix Raye – KrisRix Lita – Roll002 Mina – KrisRix Artemis (Windows Vista) – Judgement915 Darien – Maxskate2001 Molly – KrisRix Andrew – KrisRix Melvin – Roll002 Queen Beryl – KrisRix Jedite – Roll002 Nephlite – Roll002 Zoicite – KrisRix Malachite – Whip0fAlchemy Metalia – Judgement915 Producer: Roll002 Lead Script Writer: KrisRix Editor: Megami33/Megami36 ——————————————————————— Check out more at our website: Other video host: Store: Twitter: Facebook Page:

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  1. SilverDommi says:

    1:34= my ringtone

  2. Vamby237 says:

    That candy puppet lady reminds me of princess peach but i would call her princess apple

  3. IvaniSamaTVHD says:

    LOL Queen Beryl is THA BOSS XDDDFDDD

  4. seriousman006 says:

    “thts acctually funny” “insert crazy maniacal hysterical demonic tobacco induced laugh here”

  5. MultiGaryProductions says:

    1. Raye’s voice would definitly scare that lion away
    and 2. Curse you princess charlie the unicorn refrence!
    oh and 3: “Micheal Jackson will have nothing on me!” Jedite is a pedo! lol

  6. raberbagirl says:

    It’s from VeggieTales. If I remember right, that’s the song they had to edit the lyrics of, because parents complained. ^^;

  7. OtakuEpsilonStation says:

    “Well now that I picked my apple BACK UP I can kill you anyway”.

  8. kingjayko7 says:

    Uhh….so what exactly does Serena do at 2:07…transmute into a ball and warp???

  9. xXxmendingheartxXx says:

    hey what episode was this?

  10. Xaxton2 says:

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at 4:59, when Rei says, “oh, and it felt good.” your acting was bad and you might want to consider redubbing that line. This episode is still my favorite though. I love it when Serena and Rei are having that argument about the boy riding the bear.

  11. TooLiltleTooLate says:

    darian you are ACTUALLY a pedo! XD he dated serena when she was in middle school and he was in college i think

  12. ilovemesomeyummypie says:


  13. CharletteAndMo says:


  14. majorearthlover says:

    5:27 SNOT HIM!

  15. ChibiTaitox3 says:

    “How are you on this train and not breaking it, fatass?!” LOLOL. I love you guys. xD

  16. BobSince1934 says:

    That song at the end. I can’t even…

  17. venuspowerrock says:

    “I’ll never tell, ANY OF YOU!!!!!!”

  18. allergictocriticism says:

    3:14 Compared to Raye, everbody is too nice.

  19. AlexTsukino says:

    that woman is evil…and not the good kind. I love Raye!

  20. IvaniSamaTV says:

    MARS FIREBALL… ding XDDDD This killed me XD

  21. MegaBytesFTW says:

    vegie tales song ftw! xD

  22. Essstar16 says:

    -Where’d the princess go?
    -I’ll never tell, ANY OF YOU!

    -Why are we are we just sitting here?
    -she’s to nice I don’t like it!
    Lol love sma

  23. BitoRaimu says:

    doesn’t mars’ voice make you dizzy for recording :/ :L

  24. sofitssofi says:

    “she’s evil and not the good kind”

  25. xSakuraxHatakex says:

    “Darian, what the hell are you doing here you pedophile?!”

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