Anime Transformation Mix 1

Sailor Moon: Eternal SailorMoon: Big Bad love ~ Springbreak SailorMerkury: Hide And Seek ~ Dannii Minogue SailorMars: Lose My Breath ~ Destiny’s Child SailorJupiter: Wouldn’t it be good ´~ Cascada SailorVenus: What you want from me ~ Cascada SailorUranus: Go Dj ~ ? SailorNeptune: We’re in heaven ~ Cascada Sailor Pluto: ? Starfighter: Because the night ~ Cascada Starhealer: Truly Madly Deeply (Techno Mix) ~ Cascada Starmaker: Blue ~ Eiffle65 Ojamajo Doremi: Group transformation ~ Everytime we touch (remix) ~ Cascada Wedding Peach: Peach: Sound of my Dream (remix) Daisy: ? Liliy: ? Salvia: God is a girl ~ Groove Coverage Tokyo Mew Mew: Group transformation: Castle in the sky ~ dj Sammy Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Nozomi/Dream: Wonderland ~ Crazyravers Rin/Rouge: Moonlight Shadow ~ Groovcoverage Urara/Lemonade: Watashi No Tamago (My Egg) ~ Shugo Chara Egg! Komachi/Mint: Listen to your heart ~ Nightcore Karen/Aqua: Sag das Zauberwort ~ Sailor Moonies Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne: Jeanne: Life is Like A Boat ~ `? I do not own the animes or the songs!

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  1. cocostar29 says:

    Pluto is hardstyle tipsy by dj zitikus

  2. TheMor99 says:

    what that anime in 4:36

  3. YumeharaNozomiDream says:

    @soulgazer014 not any more, I liked them last year – but right now, not that much ^^

  4. soulgazer014 says:

    Do you, by any chance, like Cascada’s songs?

  5. mermaid1shugo1winx1 says:

    from this video i know
    wedding peach,sailor moon,Tokyo mew mew,kamikaze kauto jeanne
    yes pretty cure

  6. SyairaLolly98 says:

    And again what’s the last anime’s name? :3

  7. LyreoftheNight4567 says:

    Life is Like A Boat – Rie Fu

  8. amyamyalex says:


  9. WhiteMage7777 says:

    I FIGURED IT OUT!! the song at 1:48 is “angelic magic” by i think “under17″

  10. MusicalMusa1 says:

    is sailor moon season 1 of mew mew power

  11. LiiiiiiMa says:

    @YumeharaNozomiDream : THANKS~ <3

  12. AmuletHeart48 says:

    lol when i heard the shugo chara opening i was like….. “where hav i heard this before!?”

  13. YumeharaNozomiDream says:

    @LiiiiiiMa Sailor Neptun-> We’re in heaven ~ Cascada

  14. LiiiiiiMa says:


  15. TheJanneBenjamin says:

    SailorUranus: Drop the Base DJ Rabban

  16. emilyekmm says:

    How are were the people at the…end?

  17. YumeharaNozomiDream says:

    @annelovergirl Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne ^^

  18. annelovergirl says:

    what anime is at 5:19:D

  19. NaJateam1 says:

    what the song at 2:59?

  20. IHeartVideoGames08 says:

    What is the song at 5:15? I am sorry i know you listed all the names but idk what anime that is so idk where to look

  21. zoeyrosemoon says:

    does anybody know what song is on the first transforamation

  22. WhiteMage7777 says:

    @YuriLucky11 aaaawwww i really wanna kno wat the 1 at 1:48 is called D: but thank anyway

  23. YuriLucky11 says:

    Cure Aqua – Sag Das Zubernwort – Super Monnies

  24. YuriLucky11 says:

    @WhiteMage7777 2:22 sounds like a vocaloid. Its in Japanese so I have no idea. The other ones Japanese too or some other language so I have no idea.

  25. WhiteMage7777 says:

    does anyone have aaaany idea wat song at 1:48 and 2:22 are???? D:

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