Pokemon 5th Generation Update February 10, 2010

2 New Pokemon Fully Uncovered!?

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  1. jakethejuj56 says:

    i think that these pokemon are cool and will probanly be in a game called pokemon dark or black or purple.
    i think they should make at least ten new pokemon its been 3 years

  2. kingofkingsHHH1996 says:

    its great that they are getting a new one but kinda

  3. DreamerDreamDreams says:

    er..soo..does this means new pokemon cartridge coming out soon?if yes wad colour is it?

  4. angelskateboarder says:


  5. hpesoj616machine says:

    Good to see a fifth generation! Finally, after 4 years of waiting, it’s finally here!!!!!!!!

  6. ZeroJinKui says:

    the fifth generation, finally… i wonder what the starter pokemon for this generation’s first game will be… think they’ll stick to the fire-water-grass tradition, or mix it up a bit?

    its nice seeing such an evil-looking pokemon appear… i wonder if this generation will be a bit darker…

    …i swear to god, in the movie… if this pokemon is all badass like mewtwo was, then turn out to be all hugs and kisses, im gonna vomit blood and half my innards all over…

  7. ZeroJinKui says:

    …jesus christ…

    well, then take this in… vulpix and ninetales are both foxes… these two new pokemon are foxes… JESUS CHRIST! ITS A FREAKIN CONSPIRACY!

  8. ZeroJinKui says:


    vulpix and ninetales… both foxes, like these two… you gonna say something about that?

    …seriously, what the hell is with you comparing these two to riolu and lucario? because its a two-phase pokemon?

  9. LFCjohn1996 says:

    (middle finger emotion)

  10. TMW001 says:

    @mcdaddy249 yeah that would be a good idea.

  11. TMW001 says:

    @GhostFox24 but in the first pokemon movie Mewtwo called itself the Pokemon master I think pretty much Zoroak maybe looking for a good challenge similar to why Mewtwo rounded up trainers and appearntly Ash is the challenge.

  12. elecinx says:

    ha ha when i first so this on the pre-release covered picture i thought it was going to be a smash! then i thought again…… riolu an lucario zorua and zoroak

  13. tyson543 says:

    its a weasel/dingo mix
    and lucario is a flat out dog

  14. startmirca says:

    Both got their own movies and arent even legendaries .

    They are both bipedals .

  15. Charizardmaster21 says:


  16. bdav160 says:

    lucario=aura pokemon
    zoroark=illusion pokemon

    both have canine like appearances

    coincidence I THINK NOT !!

  17. bdav160 says:

    definetly double team. i mean it is an illusion pokemon. i hope it uses 5th gen moves like blaziken first did *(blaze kick)*

  18. bdav160 says:

    I know right lol

  19. Magnetric1 says:

    uh…you say nine tailed fox eh? well we do have ninetails…that is a nine tailed fox lol

  20. Magnetric1 says:


  21. bdav160 says:

    ur right !!!!!! wave guiding hero = lucario
    master of illusions = zoroark
    aura pokemon
    they both control something that has to do with senses and are both canine-like in appearance
    sry bout nerding out. lol

  22. FS3K says:

    nice, I’ve sped drawn Zorua and Zoroark :D
    Check it out :)


    Monster fox pokemon? Thank god it isn’t a nine-tailed fox like everyother fox related thing in animes. Oh wait there already is ninetails :) if this new poke wouldve had more than one tail…I really wouldve erupted. It looks awesome and gives me hope for this gen

  24. Magnetric1 says:

    Zoroark is a main character in the movie just like lucario was in the lucario and the mystery of mew so there is probably only one zoroa and zoroark just like one riolu and lucario in the pokemon game. so what i’m saying is that zoroark is just like lucario…just a new pokemon to show off the 5th gen

  25. LiamMichealYoung says:

    in ssbm, they had mewtwo. who was replaced by lucario in ssbb. this guy is just like another lucario. he will probably be in the next smash bros. maybe nintendo is hinting us right now. in ssbb, they hinted many things to,. they had assistant trophy little mac and then made a new punch out, same with starfy, and maybe satr fox and pikmin. Plus, game freak is all ready creating this game. theyve already created all the new pkmn, region and towns ect. they just havent leaked it out.

  26. raymond says:

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