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POKEMON! (Cover Music Video) Performed By: Jason Chen Scott Yoshimoto Directed & Edited By: Scott Yoshimoto Subscribe and follow Jason Chen www.youtube.com www.twitter.com Subscribe and follow Scott Yoshimoto www.youtube.com www.twitter.com Subscribe and follow MOVeMEDIA Productions www.youtube.com www.twitter.com www.MOVeMEDIAproductions.com FREE MP3! http HAHAH wanted to do a cover of something not usually covered =] and rather than put up a video of us just singing it, we wanted to create something interesting to watch as well! So after a lot of cheesy dialogue & digging through old boxes to find Scott’s old gameboys, this is the result! Hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it #21 – Most Discussed (Today)) – Music #25 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – Australia #26 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – Canada #80 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music #42 – Top Favorited (Today)) #9 – Top Favorited (Today)) – Music #9 – Top Rated (Today)) – Music #61 – Top Favorited (This Week)) – Music #35 – Top Rated (This Week)) – Music

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  1. Xelphiel says:

    You guys are awesome !
    I wish there were more harmonies though :p

  2. HMONGBABiiEGiiRL says:

    this was cuteee!! (:

  3. drunkXonXsake says:

    LMAO! I love this xD this was hilarious and waaay better than the actual theme song LOL great job x]

  4. TOMSTINKT100 says:

    the slot of the game boy advance is empty
    what kind of pokemon game is he playing? .__.

  5. MusicIzLife360 says:

    This theme song is so much better than all the other season theme songs…

  6. TriumphantLoser says:

    its beautiful.. :)

  7. CenjayDavidWu says:


  8. forgottenblue says:

    I think you guys should do the pokerap too. :)

  9. guys05 says:

    awesome man didn’t think you guys will pull this one off but you got it..5 star!!!!

  10. mastagash says:

    that was so beast !!!!

  11. Rome202 says:

    is it just me or is there no games in the gameboy lol

  12. ItsxJasminexFoo says:

    I LOVE That Pokemon Backpack & That Pocky Shirt! :D Where Can You Get The Backpack?

  13. cece2o4 says:

    lmaoo !! just a hard turn to sit down!! lmfaoo love itt!!

  14. callCJA says:

    this is the best thing ever!

  15. meloncholydog says:

    what mj used hat throw.

  16. 261Ryuk261 says:

    LOL very nice

  17. JazmineXy says:

    too funny! I mean who doesn’t break out in song while playing video games. LOL!!! It may be cheesy, but you guys can sing.

  18. TiaChii says:

    I love this version!!!

  19. paperheartsx123 says:

    squirtle is my fave :}

  20. SophieTwilightGirl says:

    Michael Jackson against a Pokemon!!!

  21. LamWeiXing says:


  22. jingaprawn says:

    dude you should open your mouth when you are singing……lol

  23. Blazingkou says:

    lol this is so korny but u guys can sing tho but yah its funny xD…

  24. lostboy4268 says:

    Quick attack quick attack lmao

  25. TheAznCrewAllDay says:

    pikachu ;D

  26. scott says:

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  27. Dan says:

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  28. Joe says:

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