Pokemon cards HeartGold SoulSilver Booster Box opening part 2/4

what willn we find out in this video? At first it may seem like nothing, but then the BIG hit comes! =)

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  1. pokemonfan9981 says:

    I got 3 feraligatr prime in 7 pakc’s

  2. Milanthewwefan says:

    i got all the primes xept typhlosion out of 8 packs

  3. mynameisconnorferg says:

    when i was little i had no idea how to play the actual game i just liked the cards.

  4. pokeangelgirl says:

    Wow, this is very entertaining! haha Wow, there’s alot of great cards in this series!

  5. ZTindustries says:

    its funny how people think feraligatr is spelled wiht an o but it isnt lol

  6. thewihtetiger says:


  7. LightningOfSpira says:

    I still remember the old siny gyrados inthe sea :L

  8. fatwerdo says:

    when i got my first hg ss packs when i saw the big energies i thought they were fake cards XD

  9. vondahe says:

    @crack3207 yea right i got a lvl x mesprit in a normal booster pack

  10. Elibelly23 says:

    @Chaostorrent is that supposed to be a joke?? well u mite kno this but its one of the 6 cardsthat look like its 3-d

  11. Elibelly23 says:

    do u throw away all the crappy cards u hav

  12. beybladeheyhey says:

    is it my or these cards dont have levels
    thts werid….

  13. pokemon4lol says:

    Youre my favorite pokemon packs opener on youtube!!!
    :D DD
    love youre vids

  14. jagow100 says:

    at about 5:50 I saw the prime under the other card!

  15. Redjoko says:

    lol turn it down

  16. crack3207 says:

    Storm front is better because you get sum nice ass cards

  17. ashori100 says:

    thanks for correcting me should have gotten my facts straight

  18. legomaster787 says:

    i like it when he pronounces cater- pie

  19. legomaster787 says:

    the second booster box was better

  20. kobe242488 says:

    Where do yo get the booster boxes

  21. txbergy says:

    Haha I laughed when you said you never saw a pokemon reversal before cuz when I opened my first 4 packs of this set I got like 2 in each pack!!

  22. guitaro10 says:

    heart gold and soul silver is better because there is more pimes then lvl xs fron mysteus tresures

  23. CombatWolf0316 says:

    whats beter mysteus tresure or this?

  24. TheAxoria says:

    nice ho-oh!!!!!!!!!

  25. thyuiooo says:

    also theres a thing with this set if you get a rare reverse you get a holo

  26. Leon says:

    tyrannize@rotenone.maddened” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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