Pokemon Sapphire Walkthrough Part 32: Back to Petalburg!

This is part 32 of my ongoing walkthrough for Pokemon Sapphire. In this video, we finish up in the desert (Route 111) then head back to Petalburg City I will be recording more so stay tuned and subscribe!

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  1. Dcast711 says:

    what the**** is there picknicers 4

  2. cProductions141 says:

    I loved making hideouts in the trees and bushes. And how I could fly to different places with flying Pokemon. I sold all my pokemon games though, BUT IM GONNA BUY SOUL SILVER :)

  3. trextrav says:

    Are you going to be making a soul silver/heart gold walkthrough?

  4. Horsesaremylife3309 says:

    This video is awsome Lueri

  5. stanleyschannel says:


  6. TheTap128 says:

    u jump really high to doge a magunute

  7. armado09 says:

    earthqauke hits your opponent if it uses dig

  8. Singowire says:

    4:10 it’s like not being able to catch something when it’s asleep or frozen

  9. Natulcien1992 says:

    You forget to click on the stones and some open places, hidden items ftw :D !!!

  10. ChantRodem says:

    Haaaaahaha the transcribe audio beta option is halarious it translates what you say but it screws up sooo much. The funny thing is that it makes sence in a way.

  11. KiLIAcReEd says:

    no it was giving the peace sign (the sandshrew)

  12. Jetfire7631 says:

    @xSozzenx you should try Amazon

  13. xSozzenx says:

    damn it the only place i know where to buy pokemon sapphire is ebay but i don’t have my moms promition and my mom works to hard so i don’t want her to waste her time on looking on ebay and my dad does the shopping but i barley get to see him and the only time that my mom has is cooking and sleeping… :(

  14. triplehtopfan says:

    another shortcut is thru the verdanturn tunnel /rustborro just go thru that tunnel

  15. jgzipper5 says:

    the old lady rapes u in ur sleep

  16. meespsv1996 says:

    @Disturbedfan873 no i was right, you GET it after the 5th gym, but you can USE it after the 6th gym!

  17. MagicTDS5 says:

    Awesome part 32!

  18. themster09 says:

    just think earthqueke with perfect acuracy with 100 power stab 150 power + 10 PP

    just no

  19. StonedKiitty says:

    sandslash are always beast…

  20. flora456dizzywood2 says:

    I’m at the end of the game then I lost so i had to start over then i went into the room by accident so now I have to die… to get my supplies again
    and i’m talking about the elite four.

  21. MrLucas773 says:

    to get to petalburg you could also go to mauvile city the south to slateport and ride mr. briney’s boat back to petalburg

  22. thitaga says:

    @UKWildcat1326 Well when he was fighting the sandshrew, he expected to hit and if he did magnitude would’ve killed him. since he didn’t hit dig killed tambora

  23. SpiderSplicer19 says:

    Just so you know that rock the fossel guy is running around has an item on it xD

  24. nugly says:

    how can king master say that u rock

  25. kevinpruitt15 says:

    my pokemon where underleveled and i didn’t have any trouble with norman

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