097: A Pokemon free video, w00t!

And I’m meeting up with Hayley and Alex on Friday. Yay :) (video was set to private. i didn’t realise till just now XD)

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  1. puppyprincess524 says:

    you talk about Pokemon, Mario and Doctor Who ALOT!!!!! we love u to charlie!!!!


    Try watching that video when you’re babysitting! Directly after alex said he was so fucking sick of pokemon, I paused it as fast as I could and turned to see if she had noticed. She did. I felt stupid for pausing it.

  3. animeANIME4n1m3 says:

    holy shit its the british version of fred but ummmm better

  4. ImpossibleKillrXBL says:


  5. ChloeSapienza says:

    ”If I gave away my first initial, I’d probably get.. molested’ LMAO

  6. sillynstubborn says:


  7. ThePowerOfAwsome says:

    when david tennant regenerated he did it cos of the radiation but he took in the same amount of radiation in the 1st episode with Martha in in the hospital! so he diddn’t need 2 regenerate! WHY GOD WHYYYYYYY!!!!! i loved david tennant as the doctor :(

  8. ThePowerOfAwsome says:

    kinesthetic =] not kinetik hehe:o)

  9. ohwowxlovely says:

    I must admit I watched you say “This ain’t no Bebo!” about four times.

  10. Sophieslazy says:

    I love David Tennant! No really ^^ I even watched Hamlet, in old English, 3 hours in a row. I didn’t understand everything, although i found subtitles but (it didn’t help a lot ^^. I was just happy to watch and hear his voice xD I should calm down…one day =)
    Love your videos <3

  11. Saethir says:

    It’s the fiveawesomeguys opneing!!

  12. tarheelsfan221 says:

    danger is my middle name’s ‘revenge on the radio’ :)

  13. thewilloffire08 says:

    can somebody help me,wat is that opening song?

  14. ETFlover143 says:

    hahahaha!!!!! “this aint no bebo!!!!!” bahaha you rso funny lol

  15. ChateauOfADoubt says:

    “a very heterosexual mancrush”


  16. Honohanewo says:

    he’s died 8 times. when making the newer series they never said why the doctor regenerated not essentially because he died

  17. Charlieisfunkadelic says:

    lol This will probably seem like a stupid question but how did he fix his cam? it was blue at first but then he made it the right colour, thats how my cam is permantly atm and I can’t seem to change it back! lol if someone can help that would be mega grand! :)

  18. emma2121212121 says:

    this ain’t no bebo!


  19. MissNaivetey says:

    charlie talking about doctor who makes me just plain happy. <3

  20. DJAustay says:

    Im on Bebo but I hate it. I really do. I might even delte my acccount now. Im not sure.

  21. FreqyBiker says:

    I used to have that phone- I ended up giving it to a mate when his broke. He was full of happy :D

  22. kitdude21 says:

    I’m doing a fiveawesomeguys marathon and I saw your comment and when you posted it I didn’t know you (I think) and now I do so I thought it would be nice (:

  23. IdiotFest101 says:

    that comment was posted frikkin 2 months ago!
    Why would you bother to find it? XD

  24. kitdude21 says:

    You are so right, Wally.

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