The Greatest Guidelines Available For Best Man Wedding Speeches

You’re sitting there, hunched over your computer, staring at a blank page. The last speech you wrote was in your Speech 101 class, and that was quite a few years ago. Your buddy finally popped the question to his girlfriend, and he has asked you to be the Best Man. All you have to do is stand next to him at the wedding right? Not exactly. As a Best Man, you hold a lot of responsibility and are an active participant in your friend’s wedding. One of the biggest responsibilities you have is your speech. Where do you start? What should you say? These are very common questions asked by guys like you all the time. Don’t worry, with a little good advice and some practice, you can nail your best man speechs and make your Groom proud.

Before you even start your speech, get comfortable and relaxed. Writing a speech while you’re relaxed will help you write relaxed, and in turn, speak more relaxed. The best speech will come from an open, relaxed mind, so make sure you’re in a comfortable mind set.

Avoid giving your speech a rigid structure. You want to avoid sounding like a 5th grader’s first essay paper. Trust in your personality and have some ingenuity, and you can write an original, creative, and memorable speech that the whole audience will never forget.

As for the content of your best man speechs, there are a few pretty traditional elements that should be included: the introduction, a lighthearted memory of the Groom, and a sincere toast to the couple. Start off by introducing yourself. Not everyone will know you, and you want to establish your relationship with the groom to avoid any confusion. Your relationship with the groom is a very important topic to touch on, because it ultimately influences the subject matter of your speech. For instance, a friend of the Groom will not have the same message or the same tone as the father of the Groom.

A note card with some keywords on it is alright to keep on hand, but don’t write down your entire speech. Having just a few keywords keeps your speech sounding natural and in your own words, as opposed to reading directly off a paper, which looks insincere and tacky. With enough practice, you won’t even have to use your note card. Keep your card on you as a security blanket, just in case your nerves get the better of you and you forget what to say next. Simply knowing you have a little backup could possibly prevent you needing one all together.

Everyday people who are terrified of public speeches stand in front of a crowd and deliver their best man speech without incident. Everyone knows that making a best man speech is hard, so practice all you can and do your best.

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