Important Points To Have In A Best Mans Speech

If you are deciding on what exactly your best man speeches brother should contain, there are some pretty basic parts that can help you decide. The first is the introduction, followed by a story or memory about the groom and maybe also the bride, then a conclusion. The introduction is simply stating your name and relationship with the Groom, as this heavily influences exactly what your speech sounds like.

There are many options open to you after your introduction. Where you decide to take your speech ultimately depends on your personality, as well as your relationship with the Groom. Start off with a good joke or a heart-warming story. However, make sure they’re appropriate – there are both children and grandparents in the audience, and you don’t want to make the Groom’s grandma blush with some of the stories you might have.

It’s alright to tease the Groom a little bit, just don’t get to the pointing where he is mentally begging you to not share those terrible drunken stories with his grandmother in the audience. Talk about how you and the Groom first met or the time you carried him home when he fell out of a tree and broke his arm. Picking a lighthearted memory allows you to be genuine without even having to try, and this is what you’re aiming for.

Mention how the Groom was when he first met his Wife and how their relationship grew to be what it is today, with you ending up at their wedding. It’s alright to joke with the Groom a little bit, just don’t make him regret choosing you as his Best Man. It’s the Groom’s special day, so do your best to keep the attention on him. Your goal is to show the audience the relationship with the Groom, and show the Groom how much you appreciate that relationship.

The toast is the grand finale. It doesn’t need to be long or super dramatic. Give your best wishes to the bride and groom and extend to them the hope that they live a long and happy life together. The end of your speech needs to be heart-felt and meaningful, more so than the rest of your best mans speeches. Avoid jokes or sarcasm; this is where you give the Bride and Groom their sendoff. You can insert a little friendly advice or a maxim to conclude if you like, and then prompt everyone to raise their glasses and drink for the couple. Now you’re done. Accept your applause and bask in a job well done.

If you are still at a loss as to what your best man wedding speeches should include, it would be helpful to go online and look up some helpful pointers. If you’ve never given a best man wedding speech before, reading some examples can give you a good place to start.

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