Get Equipped: The Average Responsibilities Of A Best Man

Besides presenting your awesome best man speeches, you may be in charge of various other elements of the wedding. Your part in the ceremony is very important, so always be ready to help out just in case it’s needed.

Make sure you get to the wedding location at least an hour beforehand if you are charged with driving the Groom there. You want to avoid last minute panic and careless mistakes at all costs, and having the Groom there early eliminates much of this possibility. Don’t forget the endless ridicule he would get from his new wife for being late to his own wedding. She’d be able to hold that over his head for the rest of his life, so don’t let that happen!

Keep the wedding rings and the marriage license in a safe spot if you are responsible for holding them. Pack up the car with their passports, luggage, tickets, or whatever else they need if they are leaving for the honeymoon right after the wedding. Before the actual ceremony, make sure you do a quick once-over for the Groom. Straighten his tie, button any missed buttons, and send him out looking his best. This is his big day after all, and you want to make sure he’s looking good.

The job of the Best Man varies after the actual wedding ceremony. Sometimes, they are the Master of Ceremonies, and sometimes they are in charge of driving the Bride and Groom to the reception. Make sure you are completely aware of what’s expected to you. You don’t want any last minute surprises. If you are in charge of introducing the other speakers, make sure you can pronounce their names right. It would be pretty embarrassing to mispronounce the Bride’s Father’s name. When your time comes to talk, relax and give your awesome best man speeches examples. You’ve prepared it, practiced it, and performed it. Go up there and give it your best. When the speeches are done, the Bride and the Groom will have their first dance. Soon after, you will join in, oftentimes with the Maid of Honor. This part doesn’t necessarily require any planning, just be aware.

You may have even more jobs after the reception. Check that the wedding gifts are all safe and packed up and ready to go. Make sure the Bride and Groom get to their ride if they are heading to a hotel or the airport. If you are in charge of driving them, make sure you don’t drink. If tuxedos need to be returned, be sure to have them their on time so no one gets charged a late fee.

You hold a very important position in the wedding, and you don’t want to become the subject of a surprise, especially at the expense of a poor best man speeches examples. So make sure you know exactly what you should be doing at all times, and be sure to be fully prepared for your best mans speech.

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