Best Mans Speech: Picturing The Audience In Their Skivvies

Probably the best way to reduce nervousness is to just be prepared. Going into your speech confident, knowing that you have put a lot of effort into preparing yourself will not only make you less nervous, but it will make your speech sound great. A good way to practice is simply reciting your best mans speeches in the mirror. You want to make your practice as real as possible, so mentally place yourself in the reception hall. Sit on the edge of the bathtub or something, and pretend you have just been called up to speak. Walk in front of the mirror and start. Practice with only little bits if you need to, and eventually build it up to the point where you can recite the whole thing. Once you have the whole speech down, work on making it sound natural. Stand in front of the mirror, and pretend you’re speaking the crowd. If you stumble a little bit, just keep going and try to finish smoothly. By preparing yourself for a mistake, you can remain calm if you encounter one on the Wedding Day.

Breathing exercises are one of the best ways to quickly reduce your tension and help you relax. Go online and look some up and practice them. Remembering to breathe during your speech is also important. Sometimes, someone can get so nervous that they say everything in one breath, making them sound rushed and tired. Simply being relaxed can help you prevent having to experience this. Being relaxed creates a more natural breathing pattern, a slower heart rate, and a calmer voice, which all help in contributing to a good speech. Keep your muscles relaxed to avoid looking like a talking mannequin.

Act natural, and be yourself. If it helps, picture how a comedian is on stage. They look very relaxed and comfortable, even though they are the center of attention. You can have a drink to reduce your nervousness, but absolutely do not get drunk. Your goal isn’t to embarrass yourself in front of the entire crowd, so don’t let stage fright drive you into drowning your anxiety. You want your best mans speech to be memorable, but for the right reasons.

Have something in your non-microphone hand, but make sure it’s not noticeable. A rolled-up paper towel or two is a great DIY stress ball, and it also absorbs sweat. Keeping it inconspicuous allows the audience to stay focused on you and what you have to stay, as opposed to the mysterious object you keep waving around.

You don’t want people to spend the entirety of your speech trying to figure out what you have in your hand. A glass of water nearby does more than slake your thirst. It also provides a little opportunity to gather your thoughts and refocus. Holding your glass could be a bad idea. If you are getting into your speech and forget what you’re holding, you risk spilling it, or even worse, tossing on the Bride.

Pretend you’re back in the bathroom practicing your best man wedding speech or that you’re sitting there talking to only the Groom. While it may feel like hours to you, five seconds of mental preparation for your best man speechs will go completely unnoticed by the audience.

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