Pokemon HeartGold Runthrough: Phase 48

Pokemon HeartGold Runthrough: Phase 48: Route 44 In this chapter, we watch Sirocco kick ass.

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  1. mhthejackinthebox says:

    @DustysPhotoshop i’m not sure. srry

  2. IcicleDragoon says:

    @plllll0 I’ll be sure to check it out later today. and I’m not being sarcastic. Curious on the team you used/tactics and such.

  3. plllll0 says:

    i posted the vids if u wanna see

  4. IcicleDragoon says:

    @plllll0 cool story bro, but joking aside… you seemed a bit underleveled, I arrived at E4 with my team at least 44 for each, and It wasn’t too easy or too hard. 35 would seem like hell. But if you pulled it off on your first try, hey congrats.

  5. plllll0 says:

    meh, i started E4 with lv 35’s…

  6. IcicleDragoon says:

    @plllll0 nah he’s not really overleveled considering he has the dragon gym and then the elite 4 left in Johto for now. I’d say he’s at a decent level.

  7. HELLO0709 says:

    i reckon growlithe should be able to learn thunder fang and ice fang

  8. hackmasterbrax says:

    @Laine2TheMax no$gba or dsemu

  9. Laine2TheMax says:

    dose anyine know what emulator SoS uses

  10. Reson1001 says:

    :D :D :D :D :D
    nice vid :D

  11. krosgamemaker says:

    Twister should have a high power….

  12. plllll0 says:

    too overleveled …

  13. ThePokemasterMatt says:

    I remember I could not get through ice cave for a long time until I kearned about the boulders.

  14. adebayor334 says:

    @DustysPhotoShop don’t evolve it it is not worth it the speed is better then the attack power

  15. DustysPhotoshop says:

    @mhthejackinthebox Thanks, where I can find one? Or which day it’s placed as a reward for the pokelympic thingy?

  16. PokemonBattlerTimmy says:

    @emeraldhig Hang on trying to care… nope not really caring. Look keep up the hate reply cause your only proving nothing. I did that as a joke and if none of you can understand then you won’t. I did that cause I see so many people do it and I was joking around, but if you want to take thing seriously, talking to everyone who replied then fine I will take it seriously to. Your now flaming me over what? Nothing that should concern you so why don’t you just grow up and take a stupid joke.

  17. mhthejackinthebox says:

    @DustysPhotoshop it evolve with a dusk stone

  18. PapaOwnsMegaBlissey says:

    y do u want a lickitung???????

  19. PokemonUltraAce says:

    im using a lickitung in my personal normal mono run
    its a good special attacker

  20. IcicleDragoon says:

    @andreasfr1 cool story bro.

  21. hairyfroglegs says:

    Murkrow evolves with dusk stone

  22. DustysPhotoshop says:

    what lvl does Murkrow evolve at again?

  23. chogumi says:

    exia will learn flamethrower at 34

  24. andreasfr1 says:

    @waffles2562 dear sir? douchebag? ashamed?
    im not allowed to poke fun at stuff if i find it amusing?

  25. benknightprime says:

    @Shadakreu LMAO

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